Jack Patty

Jack Patty – The Real Estate Agent From Point Loma

Patty resides in Point Loma and holds both ownership and real estate licenses specializing in beach and bayfront properties.

He served as captain of the county police department, becoming one of its most decorated officers during his tenure. However, due to snitching activities within his own department he eventually lost his career there.

Early Life and Education

Jack was raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Although his childhood was full of turmoil and confusion, he found sanctuary and purpose on football fields and oval tracks – playing for City Champion football teams before progressing through Villanova University and Stanford to graduate honorably with magna cum laude in 1966.

Jack has been on air with WVLK since 1975. He hosts their morning show and is best-known for dressing as Santa Claus during November and December – often wearing his costume daily!

Jack is married to Marta Pattie, Assistant Director of Administrative Services for FIU’s Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs where she manages purchasing, budgets and travel arrangements for staff members as well as external partners. They have two biological children as well as three stepchildren.

Professional Career

Jack has earned himself an unblemished track record as an expert real estate professional specializing in Point Loma real estate transactions. Jack stands as one of San Diego’s premier real estate experts.

Jack earned both football and men’s basketball championships for the OU Braves during 1952 KCAC play. Later he worked as a field engineer for South Central Bell in Frankfort.

Patty made her television debut in 2006 as a guest singer on the final episode of 7th Heaven and again for its Christmas special broadcast that same year. Patty is an accomplished gospel musician with over 30 studio albums to her credit and two GMA Dove Awards under her belt. Additionally, as president of Canfield Training Group she oversees billion-dollar brands and New York Times best-selling books creation and growth – something Patty does best!

Achievement and Honors

Patty has served as a host on Kentucky radio since 2003 and received the Louie Award from the state for her efforts promoting tourism.

Athena was also an accomplished vocalist. She sang the title song for NBC television series 7th Heaven and appeared as guest singer with a gospel choir during a special TV broadcast.

Patty took on Emily Peterson’s identity by getting herself a pet named Cat and playing with it, only for Jack to notice and recognize Patty for who she really was based on a gash in Cat’s arm which Patty scratched leaving behind as evidence that this person was Patty herself.

Patty appeared at a hearing where the judge was considering whether she should go to jail or Fairview Psychiatric Hospital. Paul attempted to question Patty, but Patty diverted his inquiries by diverting Paul away. She eventually relocated there.

Personal Life

Jack’s first marriage, to Patty Williams (then played by Lilibet Stern and Andrea Evans), ended tragically when Patty realized her new mate was just another stepping-stone on Jabot Cosmetics’ corporate ladder – cheating on her, taking another woman as his fiancee while she was still engaged to him, etc.

After divorcing Diane, he quickly friend-zoned Phyllis (Susan Walters), while going after Diane’s deceased son as proof that he could manage Jabot successfully. But even this effort proved fleeting; ultimately it too failed miserably.

Bergman made an immediate mark as All My Children’s Cliff Warner before transitioning into Jack on The Young and the Restless in 1981, where he would remain for more than 30 years, also appearing frequently as guest stars on other programs and being the star attraction at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade telecasts.

Net Worth

Jack is an established YouTuber with a large subscriber base and earns significant income through his videos and collaborations with other social media figures, further increasing his earnings potential.

He is also widely recognized for taking part in charitable events and working with numerous organizations to spread awareness on mental illness; previously collaborating with Oprah Winfrey for this cause.

He has amassed a net worth of $1 Million. In his free time, he enjoys bowling, softball and fishing; as well as restoring cars. Furthermore, he participates in numerous competitions, winning many awards along the way; in addition to spending quality time with his family. Furthermore, his expertise spans across various sports disciplines and international competitions.

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