Jack Rajchenbach

A Profile of Jack Rajchenbach

One Friday evening approximately eight years ago, Yaakov Rajchenbach found himself bent over his basement floor scrubbing it clean while his mother sobbed loudly in tears.

Brian Cory had cleared his schedule for this meeting with another financier. Although it had to do with reviewing a contract agreement, this meeting served another purpose altogether.

Early Life and Education

One day Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky came home from Chicago and stopped to visit the Rajchenbachs, a frum family with an open door and Rose as their housekeeper who would wait inside until guests came in.

One of the guests was Yankele Rajchenbach. When Yaakov’s mother noticed his enthusiasm and decided he could no longer study in local public school, Yaakov’s Rosh Yeshivah informed them. Without argument or confrontation, his parents accepted this news without protest or debate; Yaakov soon left home for study in New York without further delay.

From that day forward, the Rajchenbach home became filled with people from Klal Yisrael. Their generosity reflected Avraham Avinu’s masterful balance between kindness and kiddush Hashem that has been passed on through each generation since.

Professional Career

He dedicated much of his career to improving other people’s lives through creating multiple companies providing health care services; these included opening a nursing home in Boca Raton, Florida.

He established Torah Umesorah, a charity dedicated to improving Jewish life. Working closely with Gdolei Yisrael he believed guidance is the cornerstone of success. Furthermore talmidei chachamim were highly valued assets of any organization he served.

As this deal would require much of his time, Mr. Cory took care to clear his schedule and devote all his attention on it with his credit analyst until they felt certain of its validity.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Rajchenbach can be found among six individuals in the US by that name; we found six. One such individual worked closely with Israeli gedolei Yisrael and dedicated much of his time and efforts towards helping young talmidei chachamim. He believed in professional guidance, helping establish Aish Dos, an initiative offering teacher training programs for rebbeim in schools and yeshivas; additionally he served as President of Torah Umesorah, where he enhanced both learning quality and Yidishkeit.

Personal Life

Brian Cory was known for being a man of integrity even if it cost him millions. At one time in particular, as owner of a national lending institution he prepared himself to meet with one of his key clients for whom the deal required detailed scrutiny – it should not be done quickly.

His parents understood the sacrifice required for spiritual growth was necessary, so even though they could no longer support themselves with their 650 shekel monthly stipend, they sent their son to study in Eretz Yisrael.

At Torah Umesorah, he worked closely with leading Jewish gedolei Yisrael scholars, seeking their counsel in dealing with numerous chinuch issues that came through Torah Umesorah. Professional advice was considered critical to success. But his greatest passion lay with Klal Yisrael itself – this passion led him to open numerous businesses worldwide and seek patronage from institutions worldwide.

Net Worth

Successful real estate investor has amassed an impressive portfolio and amassed considerable net worth through hard work and honesty, which have paid dividends. He believes age is just a number and keeps physically active through various sports and exercises to maintain an active lifestyle.

Private healthcare real estate investment and asset management expert who has amassed considerable wealth. Over time he acquired multiple properties successfully while being respected within his community for his integrity and honesty; something his peers in the industry recognize as testament to. An inspiration to all those who believe in hard work.

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