Jack Seabloom

Jack Seabloom and His Loved Ones

She leaves many cherished memories behind for us all to cherish, and we take great comfort knowing she and Jack are once more together in Heaven.

Elizabeth Borer and Eric Seabloom of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior’s Department of Ecology are overseeing two international experiments known as Nutrient Network and DRAGNet respectively. In this new series they examine their effects as global experiments as well as any changes they’ve brought about within their fields.

Early Life and Education

Jack Seabloom was born in 1900 during a time when the United States and other nations sent troops into China to put down the Boxer Rebellion, an uprising against foreigners being present that local people resented.

Later, he attended the University of Minnesota and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. Subsequently, he earned both his Master of Science in Natural Resources and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees in Environmental Sciences.

He was married to Colleen and had four children and numerous grandchildren, whom all will miss dearly. Now in Heaven with our Lord and Savior he will always remain close by our side.

Personal Life

She was a beloved wife, mother and grandmother who cherished each of her four children and served as an amazing step-mother to their grandchildren. She generously gave of herself and made many new friends; additionally she was active at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock.

Jim remains by her side along with their four children Jack, Jim (Monica), Tom and Cathy as well as stepchildren Kevin and Barb.

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