Jack Trotter

The New Jack Trotter Academic & Sciences Building at Episcopal High School

Episcopal High School recently unveiled the Jack Trotter Academic & Sciences Building to commemorate a former school board member who passed away due to brain cancer last year, named for him with science laboratories equipped with modern technological equipment. This facility bears his name.

Though Trotter claimed only to play a “tangible role” in the policy controversy, newspaper articles, internal memoranda at Embotelladora, congressional letters to Congressman Pease and shareholder resolutions all attribute major responsibility for overall company policy to him.

Early Life and Education

Jack Trotter was born with a genetic and metabolic condition called Pyridoxine Dependent Epilepsy. Despite the challenges presented by this rare condition, Jack was nonetheless one of the happiest little boys around; he adored his family immensely and brought much joy. Jack is survived by his mother and father; sister Summer; nephew Bentley; grandmother Juanita Trotter as well as numerous aunts and uncles.

Governor Jerry Brown appointed Trotter to San Bernardino’s newly established California Court of Appeal Division Two in April 1982, initially with an opening 300-case backlog due to a high volume of complex civil cases within San Bernardino county. Trotter worked diligently to manage his workload until eventually being appointed the presiding justice and producing more opinions than any other division within California state during his time.

Professional Career

Jack Trotter served as a senior writer at Sports Illustrated from 2007-14, winning the Nunn Award that year. Additionally, he spent 18 years with the San Diego Union-Tribune – eight as Raiders beat writer and four as national NFL columnist – including eight seasons covering them both as Raiders beat writer.

In 1978 he established Amicus Publico to increase access to justice for those unable to afford private lawyers, and implement a night court program consisting of volunteer attorneys acting as temporary judges in domestic and business matters.

At various regional high school and college basketball games, he served as an official. John also was a member of Bethlehem Elks Lodge 191 where he officiated games. Sandy Trotter Cain survives him with her children John (his son), Lynne his daughter-in-law; Maggie Clayton Teagan Zak grandchildren to name but some; as well as sister Carol Trotter Cain of Florida.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Trotter has long been involved with Houston charities. Through his business acumen and perseverance, he has assisted non-profit institutions in becoming leaders in their respective fields – such as Episcopal High School, St Luke’s and Methodist Hospitals as well as Brookwood Community.

Trotter is also part of SomethingSomething Collective, a New Zealand band playing psychedelic rock music. Over their career they have played alongside and opened for bands such as Dartz, Sofia Machray and Bad Hagrid at well-known Wellington venues.

Personal Life

Jack suffers from an extremely rare genetic and metabolic condition known as Pyridoxine Dependent Epilepsy that has made him very ill and delayed his development, yet remains one of the happiest kids you will ever meet!

Trotter currently teaches literature at Trident Tech College in Charleston, South Carolina and regularly writes for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. Additionally, he has appeared in multiple TV shows such as Downton Abbey and The Gilded Age.

Business acumen and legendary arm-twisting played an instrumental role in establishing many non-profit institutions, including Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, St. Luke’s and Methodist Hospitals and Brookwood Community. His unselfish actions and leadership opened doors for many organizations that now flourish under their guidance today.

Net Worth

His net worth exceeds $30 Million dollars. Additionally, he trades shares in First Bankshares.

After losing Joan, Del made the decision to change his ways. He started dressing like a yuppie with red braces and an elegant trench coat; attending wine bars; using mobile phones; buying an aluminium briefcase; etc.

Rodney attempts to repay Del for all the times he’s helped him by purchasing him a Rolls Royce, much to Boycie’s displeasure. Del and Rodney then visit Nag’s Head where they receive a standing ovation; later Del reveals to them that he’s become a multimillionaire; likening cooking with jazz in which each riff never repeats itself.

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