Jack Willoughby

Jack Willoughby – Metal Artist

Jack Willoughby’s designs can be found at garden shows and galleries all across the United States, and his distinctive ironwork has even found its way into homes, making collectors eager to get their hands on a piece.

Jack draws his inspiration from traveling and British Columbia’s ocean beaches, often sharing ideas with his wife and best friend Barb.

Early Life and Education

Jack finds himself taking charge of directing the Christmas play for his church when the youth minister must travel out of state to visit an ailing aunt. But when strange noises start reverberating throughout an empty church and an unknown janitor makes appearances, Jack realizes this may prove more challenging than expected.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Jack has an affinity for nature and the sea reflected through his heron, cat and octopus sculptures. Additionally, his sense of whimsy, humor and storytelling is illustrated through conversations he shares with his wife; their “what do you think?” ideas often spark lively discussions! Jack owns Anvil Island Design which offers pieces made primarily out of steel, aluminum and copper for homes, offices and upscale gift stores throughout Canada and the US.

Professional Career

Jack is an award-winning metal artist known for his distinctive designs and quirky sense of humor. His works have been showcased across North America and Europe at shows. Jack draws his inspiration from nature and ocean. His black crow series and heron and octopus pieces are some of his most popular creations; others come from Vancouver Island’s beaches or his wife Barb.

He directed an array of impressive music videos, such as one for up-and-coming hip hop artist Morgan that took place in an elaborate English mansion featuring portraits of 17th century English kings – which proved immensely popular and earned various awards. He was a member of River Road Church of Christ.

Achievement and Honors

In Papua and New Guinea, he took an active part in developing fiscal self-reliance through initiatives such as income tax collection and ending outside assistance dependence. Furthermore, he addressed indigenous problems, working towards giving local authorities greater decision-making powers.

John Wayne had an extraordinary talent for photography and was instrumental in inventing many equipment innovations like the first sound blimp for still cameras, brackets to mount Panavision cameras and various sound blimps for still cameras. Working closely with Hollywood studio publicity departments and photographing numerous screen icons including Jack Lemmon for The Great Race; Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn from Let’s Make Love; Mia Farrow from Rosemary’s Baby; John Wayne on “The Cowboys”, Elizabeth Taylor on “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”; as well as Elizabeth Taylor appearing on Elizabeth Taylor: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

He enjoyed golf, working on cars, fishing and spoiling his grandchildren.

Personal Life

Jack is known for his signature metal art designs, which have earned him worldwide renown. With a quick wit and quick eye for humor, Jack often collaborates with wife Barb to craft pieces that capture both nature’s beauty and sense of humor in each design he produces.

After being promoted to senior project officer, he focused on staff-training and recruitment policies at the Department of External Territories as well as policy advising division that focused on economic development of Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

Pastor Jim felt called by God to assume leadership of their church in 1980 when their current facility reached capacity, leading Jack and Mildred to initiate plans for a larger facility. Gayle Gilliam Willoughby of Pulaski became his companion. Shane Grimmett Willoughby (Becky Grimmett Willoughby in Columbia) as well as grandson Peyton Cole Willoughby reside with them today.

Net Worth

Jack’s metalwork sculptures combine strength, simplicity and whimsicality in their creations. His works feature common themes like crows, ravens, trees, herons, octopuses and fish as well as one-off commissions featuring cats, dogs, dancing ladies or philosophical quotes – as well as being completely customizable!

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