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Jack’s Refrigeration

Jack’s Refrigeration provides a selection of furnace options to meet the heating needs of any home, as well as knowledgeable team who can assist in selecting the ideal system for you. Contact us to learn more!

Jack has been serving as News Editor of Homebuilding & Renovating since 2019. His dedication ensures you the most current stories for self builders, extenders and renovators alike.

Early Life and Education

Jack was raised in a family that placed great value on education; both his mother and father earned college degrees. However, Jack struggled academically at Sycamore High School. Too shy to show his drumming talents during music class lessons, he graduated with only a 1.6 GPA despite also suffering from bipolar disorder and drug dependency.

Once in college, Jack began working for his father’s plumbing business as an employee, eventually becoming partner and expanding it quickly to serve more homes and customers before eventually expanding further to include commercial heating and air conditioning sales and services.

Jack’s Heating has evolved into a full-service heating, attic insulation and air conditioning provider with an expansive fleet of trucks and an experienced sales team. Hal Kadel heads the service department and has extensive training in today’s technologies and comfort issues.

Professional Career

Jack Sauer has dedicated himself to the success of his company for nearly 40 years. Over that time he has established an outstanding track record of customer service and technical knowledge among his highly trained technicians; these skilled specialists can take on any heating issue including repair or installation services.

Jack also brings extensive commercial HVAC experience. He has led a team of 30 engineers in creating technologies such as slim ducting and dual fan water cooling; these efforts have contributed significantly to sales and profits at his companies.

Today, Jack’s Company stands as an industry leader for plumbing, heating and attic insulation services in Pittsburgh. Owned and run by his family, they pride themselves in making sure every job gets completed right the first time around backed by years of experience and providing high quality products and services backed by them.

Achievement and Honors

Jack graduated with his BBA from University of Wisconsin – Madison before entering the Army, serving as Infantry Platoon Leader. Jack made significant improvements to their standard-issue backpack radios which improved communication within units as well as with headquarters. Jack’s passion for technology inspired him to form the company that would become known by name today: Wibby Brewing. Alongside being a charter member of Conditioned Air Association of Georgia and West Metro Heating and Cooling Association, Jack was proudly supported Wibby Brewing when both himself and wife used their trademark process of heating stones to boil the mash for creating their smoky Steinbier beer which was released for public sale at Wibby Brewing this May.

Personal Life

Jack has always been dedicated to hard work. Every morning begins with him drinking coffee and “pushing wood,” his term for his morning workout of lifting weights at Powerhouse Gym or swimming laps at West Hills Athletic Club. His dedication has paid off: Jack holds the Michigan Senior Olympic bench press championship title!

Jack is also an incredible jokester who enjoys pranking others to make them laugh and making others smile. At heart a child at heart, Jack enjoys playing games with both children and adults alike; be it pinching his finger with staples while telling others to feel it or building comedic items such as rubber band guns and dartboards with images attached, all this can be found him.

His turbulent history has provided him with an insightful outlook on life that allows him to craft music that touches deeply within listener hearts.

Net Worth

Jack Hall Plumbing and Heating, established in 1984, provides full-service plumbing, heating, attic insulation and air conditioning solutions. In addition, they also offer electrical services and security solutions from their Akron headquarters.

Jack is committed to community service, which has helped him establish a loyal customer base in his local area. He serves as board member on various local organizations and is actively involved with his church.

H Jack’s Plumbing & Heating Company salaries typically fall within the range of $83,232-88,809 for similar job titles in the last three years, based on 17 salary records for similar positions within this company. Note: this estimate only considers salaries within the United States; pay can differ significantly across other nations.

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