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Jada Pinkett Smith Bow Wows With Will Smith

A few years back, Jada and Will Smith were spotted at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). On the way to the airport, the twosome reminisced about their days working the ratchet and lanyard and how things change with age. Not that the pair aren’t still in love, but the good old days are a distant memory. Now, the couple is rekindling the romance with a newfound dedication to philanthropy and charity. They are releasing a new album this month, and they’ve also got a few other things in the works. Hopefully, these projects can take the edge off the family tension, a tumultuous year, and a looming tax bill. Besides, they can hardly afford to be a pair of freeloaders.

It is no secret that Jada is a fan of hip hop, but she is more of a purist than a total hipster. Her latest project is an ode to the genre, albeit in an understated fashion. The album is called Grown Up Hip Hop Atlanta, and is scheduled for release on January 23rd. Some of the album’s most notable tracks include a nod to the olden days, as well as a new school take on the old gangster anthem. For fans of the genre, this is sure to be a pleasant respite.

With a name like the Smiths, it is no surprise that Jada has had her share of ups and downs. As an industry vet, she’s been around the block a few times, but it’s clear that her heart is in the right place. She and Will are still married after all these years, but she’s certainly been through the ringer. As a proud mother, she’s been known to put her foot down, and her husband has been known to make the odd move. Luckily, the couple have not yet tainted their marriage with the usual scandals.

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