Jamal Lewis Net Worth

Jamal Lewis Net Worth

As of 2022, Jamal Lewis has a net worth of $1 million. Lewis is a former NFL running back who has rushed for more than 2,000 yards. His career ended after the 2009 season. He is in the Ravens’ Ring of Honor. He is an honorary member of the team’s Hall of Fame.

James Lafitte Lewis

The Lafitte Apartments were damaged by Hurricane Katrina, but the structure was saved, thanks to the thick brick walls. Local musicians were able to practice in the apartments without disturbing their neighbors. Despite this, the evacuees were never allowed to return to their homes. Housing and Urban Development later demolished the apartment complex.

Maud Lewis

When you consider Maud Lewis’ net worth, you might think of her as an actress or a painter. In reality, she was not rich in her early years. But as word spread about her talents, she soon became the primary breadwinner. Her first film, “Maudie,” won an award at the 1967 Toronto International Film Festival, and her house is now owned by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Single-game rushing record

The NFL’s single-game rushing record is a record that Lewis broke 14 years ago. That record was against the Browns on Sept. 14, 2017. Terrance West won’t likely break Lewis’ record, but he’ll certainly face a powerful running attack in the Ravens’ defense.

Bankruptcy in 2010

After James Lewis’s bankruptcy in 2010, Lewis has been undergoing legal proceedings. His case has been referred to the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and the Central Illinois Bankruptcy Fraud Working Group, which consists of representatives from federal agencies. His case is the subject of ongoing litigation and he will be required to turn over certain documents.

Current contract expires in 2025

The current contract expires in 2025 and the parties to it are expected to resume negotiations by that time. Currently, there are 11,800 employees covered by the Mobility Orange agreement, including call centers, retail stores, technician jobs, and many others. The contract also covers overtime pay, paid time off, and a retirement savings plan with a two-to-one employer match.

Other NFL football players

Ray Lewis was born in Bartlow, Florida, and began his professional career when he was just sixteen years old. He was named the defensive player of the year twice and earned an estimated $35 million. Lewis was also inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013.


If you’re wondering about James Lewis’ height and net worth, look no further! This English TV personality is a well-known face and is very popular in the UK. Lewis was born on July 30, 1978 in Cadillac, Michigan. He has worked as a stage actor and a comedian. He began doing freelance work at the age of 14. In college, he studied graphic design. He later went on to graduate from Cardiff University. His popularity has been attributed to his ability to make people laugh.


James Lewis is a weightlifter and a professional bodybuilder. He is a champion and has won several bodybuilding contests. His weightlifting routines are unique and he pays attention to the tiniest muscle groups and exercises. He also pays close attention to his diet. He eats six meals a day, and has a consistent intake of complex carbs.

Net worth

As of 18 May 2004, James Lewis’s net worth is $248 thousand. He owns shares in Educational Development, which are worth $226,397. Since 2004, Lewis has sold 1,962 units of EDUC stock for a net profit of $21,876.

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