Janet George

Janet George – Family Law Attorney in Seattle

Janet George is one of Seattle’s premier family law attorneys. Her compassion and understanding have earned her a plethora of accolades.

Her professional experience spans from blackjack dealer to psychiatric nurse and King County deputy prosecutor – and she does it all with an insightful, perceptive mind.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood experiences shape a child’s brain development. Positive experiences set them up for success, while adverse ones may have lifelong detrimental effects.

Children during this period are exposed to a variety of environments and teachers that will shape their early development. These elements are crucial for healthy cognitive and social-emotional maturation.

George and Janet’s fondest childhood memories are of Munro Island, where they spent much of their free time clamming and collecting seaweed. Additionally, they enjoyed walking the mile or so to school each day.

Professional Career

Janet is currently the Corporate Vice President for Cloud, Enterprise and Artificial Intelligence Solutions Group at Intel. Previously she held the position of Group Vice President for Autonomous Enterprise and Advanced Analytics with Machine Learning at Oracle.

Janet not only possess technical leadership expertise, but she is a staunch supporter of Relaunchers who want to return to the workforce. She helps employers craft unique strategies that promote diversity and value all talent equally.

Janet is a certified public accountant with over twenty years of expertise in the nonprofit sector. She offers audit, accounting and consulting services to nonprofit organizations so they can thrive. Janet is dedicated to continuing her education so she can stay abreast of current industry standards and developments.

Achievements and Honors

The American Association of Geographers (AAG) honors individuals for research and scholarship, teaching, education, service to the discipline and public service outside academia. Nominations are evaluated by an AAG Honors Committee composed of at least two members who have previously received AAG Honors.

Since 1951, The AAG Honors have been presented to a diverse range of scholars, including women and people from underrepresented groups. Additionally, AAG recognizes members who have demonstrated excellence through media or publications that foster geographic understanding.

Janet Yellen has made history as Chair of the Federal Reserve Board and Secretary of Treasury, shattering barriers in economics. Her success has been widely celebrated and she was recently named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

Personal Life

Janet enjoyed playing the piano in her free moments. After researching sheet music for Mozart’s Sonata in C Major, she quickly found herself mastering it with some practice and perfect technique.

A talent scout discovered her performing with Hal Kemp’s Cocoanut Grove band and signed her to Columbia Pictures for up to $100 per week. She made her first appearance in the 1940 cult hit Three Girls About Town and soon after appeared in several other movies.

She found success as a TV actress, including The Smith Family (which featured Henry Fonda). Additionally, she played the loyal wife on Marcus Welby, M.D. and other shows. Beyond acting professionally, she was passionate about philanthropy and supported both her husband’s legal career and charitable activities with enthusiasm.

Net Worth

Janet Jackson is an acclaimed singer-choreographer-actress-producer with an estimated net worth of $190 million. She is currently single and has one child from her previous marriage to Wissam Al Mana – a Qatari businessman – from their previous union.

She has also pursued alimony with her ex-husband, Wissam Al Mana, which is estimated to be worth more than $250 million.

Furthermore, she is an enthusiastic supporter of charity organizations such as Aid Still Required, Feed America, Red Cross and Lisa Lopes Foundation.

Former Federal Reserve chair and current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is an expert on economics who has amassed millions from her investments, government positions, and speaking engagements. Between 2018-2020 she earned $7 million from 50 speaking engagements.

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