Janiah Thomas

Janiah Thomas’ Family Needs Your Support

Janiah Thomas’ family needs your assistance as they remember and honor her fondest moments in their memories of Janiah Thomas. They will forever treasure her beautiful spirit.

On Wednesday afternoon, police responded to a home on North Woodford Street for reports of two gunshot victims. When officers arrived, they discovered two individuals with gunshot wounds: a 20-year-old woman and her four-year-old child had both received gunshots to their legs.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in Decatur and graduated from Manatee High School, according to her biographical profile. After college she went on to work as a nurse in a local hospital as well as providing day care services.

On Wednesday, the 31-year-old mother of two pleaded no contest to second-degree murder and aggravated child abuse charges that could have earned her life imprisonment; instead she will serve 65 years.

Janiya’s 12-year-old brother reported coming home one day from school to find her tied up and submerged in water in a bathroom she used regularly, where her mother told him not to interfere. He remembered hearing his mother telling him not to speak about it further.

She leaves two children, Ja’Ziyah and Ja’Ziion; parents Kizzy Hart and Jacobie Thomas; bonus mother Desera Wright; siblings JaKira and JaMyria as well as many aunts and uncles behind.

Professional Career

Janiah began cheerleading at age three for Brandon Cowboys rec league, before moving onto Brandon All-stars All-star youth level 1 before eventually winning multiple national championships including Cheersport, NCA and UCA while doing choreography for various Allstar teams in the New England area. Additionally she is currently coaching levels 1-6 at BA while serving as Performance Coordinator.

Janiah Thomas-Jackson and Ja’Ziion Thomas; her daughters Ja’Ziyah Thomas-Jackson and Ja’Ziion Thomas; her sister Kizzy Hart of Decatur; bonus mom Desera Wright as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins are her survivors.

Personal Life

Keishanna Thomas, 31, was given 65 years in prison Wednesday for abusing and hiding the body of 11-year-old Janiya in a freezer. Thomas entered no contest pleas of second-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and abuse of a dead body and avoided facing mandatory life sentencing had first-degree murder charges been proven at trial. Janiya only weighed 44 pounds when found dead and showed signs that suggest she had been tied up before dying two to four weeks prior; Janiya’s mother hid the freezer under pretense she would be evicted, not wanting investigators to find out about Janiya’s disappearance before leaving no witnesses a trail in their wake before confessing her to law enforcement officials about Janiya’s whereabouts.

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