Jared Rich

Jared has championed working men, assisted terminally ill patients and ended unfair evictions. Additionally, he practices therapy as well as leading men’s groups.

He is also the founder of Allentown, Pennsylvania-based payment processing firm Shift4 Payments which serves a third of America’s restaurants and hotels; estimated net worth: $800 Million

Early Life and Education

Jared Rich was born in Smithtown, New York to James H. and Arlene Rich and graduated from St. Bonaventure University. In his free time he enjoys disc golf, his cats, visiting family cabins in Maine as well as visiting friends.

Jared began experiencing depression during his sophomore year. He would spend Friday and Saturday nights alone eating dinner and rarely speaking with Brad; attributing this behaviour to lack of socialization.

Four years after leaving St. Bonaventure, Jared appears content in his concierge medical job with Roland Barnes’ company. He seems to still cherish former colleagues such as Dr. Shaun Murphy and revisits an old case from him; working together rekindles Jared’s passion for surgery.

Professional Career

Jared enjoys working directly with clients to assist them in emerging from stagnation and moving forward again. Additionally, he has provided assistance in stopping unfair evictions as well as supporting cancer patients and their families.

He specializes in commercial real estate, equipment finance and treasury solutions for small businesses. He has established working capital lines ranging from $5K to over $1.0MM to tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians and remodel contractors.

After four years since graduating from St. Bonaventure, Jared appears content working as a concierge doctor for Roland Barnes; however, his inner turmoil persists as he grapples with himself and his career choices. Working on one case with Shaun reignites his enthusiasm for surgery; consequently, Jared approaches Audrey Lim and requests that she permit him to retake his residency training program.

Achievement and Honors

Jared is an outspoken proponent for equality and diversity, using his platform to initiate conversations on these subjects and has been honored for his contributions to society.

JJLA, an experiential agency in Los Angeles, appointed him Director of Pride Events where he has orchestrated groundbreaking LGBTQ+ events.

He enjoys camping with his family in Glen Gardner and playing disc golf in his free time, spending time with his cats, as well as discovering music and art through various forms.

He apprenticed under Emmy and ASCAP award-winning composer Joseph LoDuca to learn film composing techniques. Since then he has scored several horror films, worked on popular television series such as Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules as well as written songs for country singer Curtis Grimes.

Personal Life

While Jared amasses an immense net worth from his acting career, real estate investments, and other sources, he also uses some of it to aid those in need. Donations were given to various charities ranging from cancer patients and the terminally ill to families suffering financial strain due to evictions or foreclosures.

Jared’s physical strength is often overshadowed by his caring and protective emotions, making it hard for him to separate work and personal life. He forms an instantaneous connection with Dr. Claire Browne before entering a love triangle between Drs. Neil Melendez and Marcus Andrews.

Jared also enjoys success as an entrepreneur through his company Shift4 Payments which processes payments for over one third of America’s restaurants and hotels, as well as Draken International which trains Air Force pilots.

Net Worth

Jared Harris is an acclaimed actor renowned for his dedication and fearless character exploration in storytelling, earning both audiences and industry peers alike great respect and admiration for his work. He has received critical acclaim as well as various honors such as two Emmy nominations and one Critics’ Choice Television Award nomination for playing Valery Legasov in “Chernobyl”.

As a private citizen, it is impossible to know the true financial status of Jared Kushner as it would require an examination of public tax returns as well as album sales or concert attendance data from him and Ivanka Trump. What little information there was came from their April 2017 financial disclosure showing they are beneficiaries of a real estate investment business trust with an estimated worth of around $740 million.

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