Jeffery Star Net Worth

Jeffree Star Net Worth

The net worth of Jeffree Star is estimated to be in the multi-millions of dollars. The YouTuber, who is also a make-up artist, has a plethora of assets, including a multi-million-dollar car collection. The multi-millionaire has also been a successful entrepreneur.

Jeffree Star is a YouTuber

Jeffree Star is a YouTube star who is married to social media influencer Nathan Schwandt. The two met through social media and began dating. They lived together in a $14.6 million mansion in California. They also raised a number of canines together. Star revealed that the couple broke up in a video titled “We Broke Up,” citing the death of one of their canines as the reason for the breakup.

Star has more than 3.7 million subscribers and is known for his unabashed enthusiasm for fashion and makeup. Some of his videos have accumulated more than 10 million views. However, his content is criticized for some controversial remarks. While Jeffree Star is not guilty of any sexual misconduct, she has been accused of hypocrisy.

Jeffree Star was born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. in 1985. He started his career as a pop singer on MySpace and later moved into the world of makeup. His first cosmetics line, called “Jeffree Star Cosmetics,” has sold over a billion dollars. Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel contains beauty tutorials and vlogs about his everyday life. He has also starred in the Shane Dawson documentary series.

He is a make-up artist

Jeffery Star is an American make-up artist and entrepreneur. Born on November 15, 1985, he grew up in Orange County, California. As a child, he began experimenting with his mother’s make-up. His mother allowed him to wear makeup to school, and his interest in the industry grew from there. After high school, he moved to Los Angeles and started working in the make-up industry. As a young adult, he started securing gigs with actors and models. He also kept up his interest in music.

Star grew up a poor family, but discovered makeup at a young age. After college, he worked in beauty salons and lent his unique style to fashion editorials and music videos. He also became a make-up artist in schools all over the world. His passion for makeup led him to develop his own formulas for beauty products.

Star is an icon in the make-up industry. He has a following in Hollywood, and is known for challenging gender norms. He identifies as a man, but uses any pronoun he chooses. He also lives with a skateboarder named Nathan Schwandt. Star’s public persona has led to controversy, but many have embraced him anyway.

He owns a multimillion-dollar car collection

Jeffery Star has amassed an impressive car collection, with some truly eye-popping additions. While the newest addition to his collection is a pink McLaren 570S, his collection also includes a number of other exotic cars. These high-end sports cars have a distinct aesthetic and are sure to make an impression before you even get inside. And while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Star is adamant about his collection.

Jeffree Star has more than a dozen vehicles totaling more than $500,000 in value. His fleet is spread across various locations including a Wyoming ranch and his Los Angeles mansion. The car collection is complemented by his fleet of private jets. While Jeffree Star may have a small fleet of vehicles, his personal taste is so big that it makes his collection look like a small collection.

Among the many vehicles in Jeffree Star’s collection is a classic Rolls-Royce. The flamboyant actress has spent nearly $1 million on the vehicle. Another of her cars is a pink Lamborghini Urus.

He is an entrepreneur

Jeffree Star is an entrepreneur, singer, and internet celebrity. He is the neighbor of the Kardashians and has a net worth of $50 million. He owns a 500-acre ranch in Wyoming and is openly gay. He has dated Nathan Schwandt in the past. The couple was together for nearly half a decade. However, the relationship ended in 2020. Since then, Star has been involved with basketball player Andre Marhold.

Despite his success, Jeffree Star has been plagued with controversy and drama. He is known for his messy relationships with other celebrities, and he has even had beef with Kylie Jenner. One incident led to another, and Star and Jenner had to settle their differences. While Star and Jenner are still friendly, they continue to have a strained relationship.

Before starting his company, Jeffree Star got into modeling and makeup. He later moved to Los Angeles and began working with celebrities. He even used a fake ID to meet them and become familiar with them. This gave him a chance to earn considerable wealth.

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