Jenny McBride Net Worth

Jenny McBride is a popular YouTube personality known for posting humorous content. She shares three children named Adley, Niko Bear, and Navey with husband Shaun McBride; also an internet celebrity himself.

She works part-time as an ultrasound technician and features on her husband’s Shonduras YouTube channel as part of his “Best Day Ever series. Additionally, she’s an accomplished snowboarder and enjoys surprising her family with practical jokes.

Early Life and Education

Jenny McBride hails from Utah and is an avid snowboarder and ultrasound technician by day, as well as being known for her frequent Vlog posts on social media and her family life coverage on a personal channel.

She operates her own production company that creates movies that provoke thought and have an impactful message, using her platform to raise awareness for various causes like mental health.

As she’s married to Shaun McBride, an established YouTuber, they share two children – Adley and Niko. She often appears alongside them in his videos. Additionally, she runs her own eco-friendly beauty business selling eco-friendly beauty products; attends church regularly; is active member; loves spending time with her friends such as YouTuber Ellie Mecham from Jared and Ellie series.

Professional Career

Jenny McBride has built upon her success as a social media influencer to pursue various entrepreneurial ventures, co-founding several businesses such as Spacestation Gaming and Integrations that have significantly added to her net worth.

McBride has amassed an extensive following on YouTube, working with multiple brands on creative marketing campaigns that leverage her storytelling prowess and unique approach. Her stories and creative flair have drawn an avid audience across both platforms.

McBride has built her acting career into an empire by founding two sustainable beauty products – EcoGlow and Starlight Productions. Both organizations specialize in making thought-provoking films and TV shows for film festivals around the world. She supports numerous charitable organizations. Adley and Niko McBride were born to her husband Shaun McBride.

Achievement and Honors

Jenny McBride has long been seen as an example of hard work, dedication, and excellent business acumen. Furthermore, her philanthropic efforts have had an enormously positive impact on those less fortunate.

She maintains a healthy work-life balance through engaging in activities like yoga and spending time with loved ones. Additionally, she’s an advocate for self-care and strongly believes it’s necessary to take breaks from everyday stressors.

She is married to Shaun Todd McBride, better known online as Shonduras – an influencer with millions of subscribers on YouTube – with whom they share three children, Adley, Niko and Navey. Additionally, she works part-time as an ultrasound technician while competing competitive softball for her university.

Personal Life

Jenny McBride has successfully balanced work and family, often working together with her husband’s channel and spending quality time with Adley, her daughter. Additionally, Jenny dedicates time and resources toward charitable projects as well as taking time for herself in order to maintain positive mental health.

She has amassed a substantial following on social media, which has provided the impetus for her entrepreneurial ventures. She established Starlight Productions – her own production company dedicated to creating thought-provoking films that address important social issues – which also promotes innovation within filmmaking.

Jenny works part-time as an ultrasound technician and played competitive softball for Weber State University, snowboarding on an intermediate level, and frequently playing pranks on family and friends. Additionally, she’s married to Shaun McBride (AKA Shonduras) of Clearfield who has made waves online thanks to his signature finger drawings that can be found on Snapchat.

Net Worth

Jenny McBride has amassed a fortune through her successful acting career, brand endorsements and investments. EcoGlow and Starlight Productions also contributed significantly to her fortune.

Shaun has become well-known among social media influencers due to his success as a social media influencer, leading him to appear in sponsored videos for various brands, which has significantly increased his revenue stream.

Shonduras has amassed more than 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube with daily vlogs, extreme sports videos and family adventures that he shares on this channel.

Adley May and Niko Bear, his two children, frequently appear in his videos. Additionally, he created an A for Adley channel exclusively dedicated to learning and fun for his daughter. Philanthropic work by the family has contributed significantly to their net worth; furthermore they hold numerous assets, such as several real estate properties.

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