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Artist Profile – Jim Rennert

Jim Rennert, a sculptor, creates figures in bronze that blur the line between idealism and realism. These bronze images of everyman figures in business suits reflect on everyday struggles and accomplishments that many can understand.

Rennert exhibits at major US art fairs and galleries, including New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida, Utah, New Mexico Maine Colorado – regularly collecting from both private and corporate collectors worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Jim Rennert hails from the Southwest United States. After working ten years in various business roles, he decided to devote his artistic efforts to sculpture – at first depicting children and athletes but eventually creating his Everyman/Suits series with bronze depictions of everyday figures wearing suits.

Rennert strives to produce art that captures our daily struggles and accomplishments – both physically and intellectually – using athletic themes as metaphors, often including symbolic objects like briefcases or ladders as symbolic icons.

Jim Rennert sculptures range in height from just inches to more than six feet tall and are available for sale on 1stDibs. His authentic pieces make stunning additions to homes, offices and galleries around the world; browse his catalog today to find one perfect for you!

Professional Career

Jim Rennert is a sculptor specializing in bronze depictions of everyman figures dressed in business suits. His artwork draws on experiences gained during his own corporate experience and from those of his peers to create thought-provoking works that resonate with viewers. While earlier pieces often emphasise physical metaphor, more recent ones feature contemplative compositions. Rennert has shown his work at New York City Theatre District galleries and Dag Hammarskjold Plaza plaza exhibitions and customers looking for Jim Rennert artwork can find numerous options on 1stDibs.

Timing and Think Big sculptures come in sizes that span from three inches to over 13 feet tall, and some feature larger pieces that depict concepts like success’s challenges as well as athletes overcoming hurdles to reach their goals.

Achievement and Honors

Jim Rennert is not only known for his sculptures but is also an outstanding draftsman, using athletic themes to depict concepts we face when trying to make our livings.

His works explore the physical or psychological challenges associated with business life, often featuring figures dressed in corporate attire as well as symbolic objects like briefcases. Titles often help solidify these ideas while often showing his sense of humor or irony.

He has displayed his work at major US art fairs and galleries throughout the country, and many of his monumental to life-size sculptures can be seen installed in public places; THINK BIG was installed at Union Square in 2014 while Timing and Inner Dialogue can be found at Grand Central Station. Furthermore, there is an ongoing installation called Commute located in West Palm Beach by this artist.

Personal Life

Jim Rennert works with multiple mediums, such as bronze and steel. His artwork can be purchased on 1stDibs at different sizes and prices.

Rennert draws upon his business background to craft sculptures that are thought-provoking and relatable to all audiences. His pieces address both physical and psychological obstacles associated with corporate life while reflecting their daily struggles and achievements in ways anyone can appreciate.

Early works tended to focus on movement and physical metaphor, while more recent pieces have become more introspective. His iconic Everyman series remains one of his signature artistic themes: its figures still wear suits but have been transformed into shapes which could stand in for any given individual.

Net Worth

Rennert boasts an impressive business and philanthropic career that spans finance and philanthropy, having donated millions to educational, medical and Jewish institutions and organizations. Furthermore, he is an acclaimed sculptor known for creating striking pieces that stir thought within viewers.

He holds an estimated net worth of $6.5 billion, making him the second-richest Long Islander after East Setauket resident Jim Simons (). The Brooklyn native amassed his fortune through junk bonds and currently owns stakes in lottery outfit Scientific Games and military Humvee manufacturer AM General.

At 23 years old, Oxford graduate Tom Caxton inherited one newspaper and went on to build an international media empire consisting of Australian and American tabloids, Fox film studio and broadcast network as well as conservative-leaning cable outlets. Furthermore he owns shares in steel manufacturer Cleveland-Cliffs while becoming Chairman of Caxton Associates hedge fund in 1994.

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