Jimmy Dollar

Jimmy Dollar – Bass Tournament Winner and Promoter

Jimmy Dollar is an acclaimed bass tournament winner and promoter, serving as an ambassador for such top brands as Ranger Boats, Shell Rotella, Mercury and Hi Seas Fishing Line among many others.

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Early Life and Education

Jimmy Dollar was born and raised in Bainbridge, Georgia before moving to Tallahassee, Florida where he excels as both an accomplished water color painter and woodworker specializing in bow carving and arrow making. His work has been featured in both Turkey Call and Florida Sportsman magazines.

He was an avid baseball fan and shared this love with his children. Additionally, he took great pleasure hunting. Above all else he enjoyed spending time with family – always there when needed and always ready to lend support when required. Luke Dollar and Brooklyn Wilson will miss him deeply as will Sophia Sanchez, Steven Withrow, and Andrew Misczak (grandchildren).

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Professional Career

Jimmy has dedicated his career to uncovering details that matter, driving results and building lasting relationships. With expertise in Business Intelligence/Analytics, Dedicated Account Management and more, his ability to connect with people is unparalleled.

His career began in nightclub management; together with four partners, he opened and ran Seasons Change restaurant-lounge in Wilmington. Seasons Change’s mix of dance music and Top 40 hits quickly proved popular.

CBS Radio transformed Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar into a weekly mystery drama in 1956. Bob Bailey continued playing Johnny until 1960; writer Johnstone wrote one last episode called “The Empty Threat Matter,” while Bob Readick took over and performed for six months until later switching back to comedy programming.

Achievement and Honors

Jimmy has written and recorded five best-selling fishing books. Additionally, he published a collection of religious/inspirational stories derived from fishing situations. Jimmy serves as deacon at Midway Hill Baptist Church near Sulphur Oklahoma and currently resides with his wife in southern Oklahoma.

He has hosted and produced many television shows, such as the PBS special “Evel Knievel,” with Gary Coleman, as well as an NBC MOW celebrating The Satchel Paige Centennial.

He has been featured at multiple bass tournaments and makes over one hundred personal appearances each year. He represents some of America’s leading outdoor companies like Ranger Boats, Shell Rotella, Hi Seas Fishing Line, Garmin Electronics Minn Kota O’Reilly Auto Parts South Fresh Pond Management Solar Bat Sunglasses. Furthermore he sponsors multiple children’s programs.

Personal Life

Jimmy seemed to thrive despite his difficulties; his music brought him fame and attention that enabled him to support himself financially and provide extravagant trips and gifts for friends. Yet his personal life was far from stable: four failed marriages followed by physical abuse on women were endured in his personal life.

He later entered the Democratic race for governor in 1966 against segregationist Lester Maddox but lost, becoming deeply disillusioned with politics and life as a whole.

The Carter Center announced in May that former first lady Rosalynn Carter is “living happily at home, enjoying spring in Plains and visiting family.” The great-grandmother of 12 remains in the one-story house she and Jimmy built themselves back in 1961.

Net Worth

Jimmy Buffett’s net worth of over $1 billion stands as testament to the longstanding success of both his music and business ventures. His Margaritaville chain of restaurants, merchandise, and hotels appeals to an ever-expanding fanbase worldwide.

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Jimmy is dedicated to philanthropy, volunteering his time through numerous organizations and initiatives. He believes that giving back is more than simply writing checks; philanthropy should make an impactful statement about who we are as individuals while leaving a legacy behind.

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