Jimmy J.j. Walker Net Worth

Jimmy J.J. Walker Net Worth

Currently, Jimmy J.J. Walker has a net worth of about $800 thousand. He has added to his fortune through his stand-up and acting careers. In addition to his acting career, he also enjoys a successful stand-up comedy career. The good news is that he is still active in the entertainment world, so his net worth is expected to continue to increase. He was discovered by a casting director for the television series Good Times.

jimmy j.j. walker has a Texas Hill Country mansion

Jimmy Walker owns a Texas Hill Country mansion that stretches over nine acres. The actor and radio personality acquired the property in 2005 and the property was designed and built by a Boerne home builder, Robert Thornton. Walker and his family enjoy visiting the Texas Hill Country, where the house is located. His net worth is estimated to be around $3 to $5 million. He earned the majority of his fortune through his Yeezy shoe line.

The mansion has a private golf cart path and a full membership at Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course. It also includes a retractable roof for an observatory. The house is located in Boerne, a small town about 32 miles north of San Antonio.

he has never been married

Although it is unclear exactly when Jimmie Walker married his first wife, there are multiple reports claiming that he was married to Jere Fields in 1980. The two were first linked when they appeared together in the movie Tattletales in 1974. However, the relationship is purely platonic. Norman Lear, who claimed that Jimmie was dating Ann Coulter, later clarified that the two were just friends.

As a radio personality, Jimmie Walker has worked at several radio stations. He has also played full-time roles in the movie “Super Shark” and “Big Money Rustlas.” In addition to hosting radio shows, he has written his first book, “Dynomite: Good, Bad, Our Times.” He has performed stand-up comedy on various shows for over 20 years. Currently, Walker has a house on nine acres in the Texas Hill Country.

he is allegedly single

Jimmy J.J. Walker is allegedly single, but there is a chance that he may have a girlfriend. The actor has been in several relationships in the past, including one with American actress Jere Fields. Though there has been no official confirmation yet, the rumor spread quickly and has been backed by several sources.

However, rumors have been swirling for some time now that Jimmie Walker is dating political commentator Ann Coulter. The rumors began to circulate in 2013, but Walker calmed them down when she said that the two of them were just great friends and that she had nothing to do with the rumors. Coulter joked that she believed Walker had made the rumors about the two of them. Walker has also been linked to Kenya Barris and Norman Lear.

he has a successful career

Jimmie Walker has had a long and successful career as an actor. He gained fame as the character “Dyn-o-mite!” in the ’70s television series “Good Times.” His catchphrase, “Dyn-o-mite!” has become a part of the cultural lexicon. He has also been nominated for multiple Golden Globe Awards.

Walker has had a varied career spanning radio, television and stand-up comedy. In addition to a successful comedy career, he has a successful memoir, “Good Times”. Walker has been vocal about his views on race, politics and gay marriage. He has also criticized the TV show “Good Times” for perpetuating negative stereotypes of African-Americans.

he is a stand-up comedian

Bill Walker is a veteran stand-up comedian and 74 years old. He is a native of Harlem, New York. He was raised and attended Dewitt Clinton and Theodore Roosevelt high schools. After graduation, Walker worked on radio stations and was an opening act for The Last Poets. Walker also appeared on television shows, including The Tonight Show and Match Game. He was a five-time panelist on the former show in the early 1980s. Throughout the 1990s, he also appeared on numerous game shows.

The comedian first made his stand-up debut in 1967 while opening for the militant poetry group The Last Poets. He stayed with the group for a year and a half, developing his jive-style act. His success there led David Brenner to introduce him to Budd Friedman, who ran a popular New York City comedy club. Walker soon became a regular at the Budd Friedman’s Improv stage. He also made his stand-up debut on Jack Paar’s show.

he is an author

Jimmy J.J. Walker is an American actor and comedian. He starred as James Evans Jr. on the hit show Good Times. His role earned him a Golden Globe nomination in both 1975 and 1976. Walker has also published several books. His latest novel is called A Walk Down Memory Lane.

Jimmie Walker was born in the Bronx in 1947. When he was twenty, he began performing standup comedy. A casting director for the movie “Good Times” scouted him and offered him a job. He is now based in Las Vegas. His co-author Sal Manna is a journalist and author who has written for the Los Angeles Times, Boston Herald, and San Jose Mercury-News.

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