John Adamo

John Adamo

John Adamo is an accomplished executive who has long been active in the demolition industry. Since 1992, he has served as CEO of his family’s company, Adamo Group.

Our company specializes in demolition and environmental remediation projects across the country, as well as offering commercial and industrial cleaning services.

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Professional Career

John Adamo has held several executive roles within his family’s demolition firm. Beginning his career working alongside his father, and later taking on the position of CEO.

As president and co-owner of the company, he remains true to its core values – such as being hands-on, personable and approachable – by remaining actively involved in every project from beginning to end and taking time out to check back with clients regularly.

Adamo is engaged in both research and development for his company as well as conducting studies on cardiac pathology caused by Reovirus. Additionally, he plans on pursing his medical degree. When not in work mode or reading books and keeping up with consumer tech.

Achievement and Honors

John Adamo is an esteemed American attorney with decades of experience in general civil, trial and appellate practice.

He is listed by Martindale Hubbell as a highly reputable attorney.

He specializes in construction, business organization, banking, bankruptcy proceedings, real estate development and taxation matters.

He has participated in many high profile projects throughout his career, such as the Georgia Dome implosion and Pontiac Silverdome construction.

He has held leadership roles for high-visibility US government organizations and managed diverse project teams that successfully solved complex problems related to diversifying power generation assets, improving energy efficiency, transforming vehicle fleets, and increasing energy security in line with Federal and DoD mandates and goals. His technical background in energy and environment includes science and engineering services relating to utility infrastructure resilience and operational efficiency as well as end-to-end GHG emissions quantification and reporting.

Personal Life

John Adamo was an esteemed businessman in the demolition and environmental remediation industries. His Adamo Group company had become a name synonymous with Detroit-area demolition projects for over 100 years.

On Monday, an Ohio construction site experienced a fatal accident and the victim, the president of his company and an expert in demolition and blight-removal projects, died as the result. According to his family attorney, for decades prior he was responsible for managing such projects as decommissioning.

Joseph Adamo and Josephine Rizzo Adamo were Italian immigrants living in Rome, New York when their son, Anthony Adamo was born in 1914. Following that year’s relocation to Crotone in Calabria Italy for schooling purposes and eventually returning home again in 1921.

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