John Aretakis

John Aretakis – A Crusader Against Clergy Sexual Abuse

John Aretakis has gained national notoriety as a champion in the fight against alleged clergy abuse. His clients hail him as a hero, an advocate for those who have suffered.

Since the 1980s, Aretakis has filed over 100 clergy abuse lawsuits. While he has prevailed in some of these cases, not all were successful.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Aretakis has earned a reputation for representing numerous victims of clergy sexual abuse. He represents hundreds of clients throughout the state, many with claims dating back decades that were molested by clergy members.

He believes the work he does is about aiding abused children in healing and making the community safe from predators who target them. Furthermore, it includes speaking up for those who are afraid to speak up for themselves.

Aretakis, who works independently and takes little time off, says he can spend weeks on these cases. His standard contingency fee is one-third if his client wins; nothing if they lose.

Aretakis has filed numerous lawsuits against the Albany Diocese in recent years. He claims church officials of trying to intimidate or manipulate victims of sexual abuse in order to prevent them from filing complaints.

Achievements and Honors

John Aretakis is a highly-regarded executive with extensive technology expertise in semiconductors, computing, telecom, networking, fiber optics, internet and software as a service (SaaS). He has built successful field sales and support teams to accelerate adoption of advanced technologies.

He has also served as executive in two successful initial public offerings.

He has long been an advocate for child victims of clergy sexual abuse and is currently involved in what may be the first ever civil case to reach the Supreme Court. Additionally, he works hard to improve sentencing guidelines in child molestation cases and make it easier to name pedophiles in public.

Personal Life

Some may view Aretakis as a self-serving exploiter of the Catholic Church’s crisis for personal gain. On the other hand, he is seen by many as an inspiring advocate for childhood victims of sexual abuse who has successfully raised awareness about priest misconduct right here at home.

Aretakis has filed a few lawsuits against the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese during his legal career. Most of these suits have been dismissed or withdrawn, according to diocese officials.

Aretakis also filed a lawsuit against the Quality Inn and Suites in Troy, alleging it of permitting smoking in non-smoking rooms. He intends to take the case to trial next month.

Net Worth

John Aretakis is an attorney whose net worth largely stems from his work with victims of alleged sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests. He primarily practices law in Manhattan, with an office located in a one-bedroom apartment that doubles as his home. His firm is small but successful, taking mostly personal injury and medical malpractice cases. John Is highly regarded and has won numerous awards and settlements for his clients; often speaking out publicly on their behalf when victims feel afraid to take action themselves.

Aretakis is an extraordinary legal iconoclast who has taken on a monumental task that he believes to be both morally right and politically necessary. His mission is to hold Catholic leaders accountable for any past crimes or cover-ups, as well as protect children from predators who prey upon them.

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