John Armbrust

John Armbrust

John Armbrust is a physician assistant based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and affiliated with Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania and other hospitals nearby.

He specializes in primary care and is a member of both the American Academy of Physician Assistants and Pennsylvania Academy of Physician Assistants.

Early Life and Education

John Armbrust was born on February 13th 1820 at Greensburg in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania to John and Catharine (Schettler) Armbrust.

He received his education from public schools and later went on to become a teacher. Additionally, he pursued various trades and professions.

He served in the Civil War with General Sickles’ 1st Regiment, Second Division. Ultimately, he was promoted to Major.

He then served in the Battle of Five Forks, where he was wounded. Additionally, he was present when Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House.

Professional Career

John Armbrust is an education advocate who has dedicated his career to guaranteeing that all children receive a quality, college-ready education. In 2012 he founded Austin Achieve Public Schools to address educational disparities in his hometown of Austin, Texas.

John has served as President of Teach For America Austin Alumni and has provided consulting to public charter schools around the country on data-driven teacher evaluation processes. Through Crossbow Educational Consulting, John strives to enhance how districts and states evaluate teachers through multiple measures of effectiveness.

Armbrust began his military career with the Greensburg Blues Infantry, serving for one year before being discharged. He also participated in several battles during the Civil War, such as Hatcher’s Run and Poplar Spring Church.

Achievements and Honors

John Armbruster has earned numerous accolades during his thirty years teaching American history and government. Perhaps the most coveted is the Junior Chamber of Commerce’s coveted “Keyman” award, presented to Jaycees who have demonstrated unflagging support, dedication, and enthusiasm for their organization.

Armbruster, a Clark County native, holds a degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After working as a reporter for both La Crosse Tribune and Wisconsin Public Radio, he pursued his interest in history and education. Nowadays he serves as a middle school teacher within Westby Area School District while enjoying other hobbies like writing, playing trumpet and hiking.

Personal Life

John Armbrust, a former poker pro and world-class math teacher, understands the value of taking risks. With his passion for education, he founded Austin Achieve Public Schools – a charter school serving scholars in East Austin’s most challenging neighborhoods.

Armbrust’s expertise as both a traditional public and charter school teacher gives him an unique understanding of what it takes to be successful. He has the unique ability to motivate those who have been written off as failures and propel them toward victory.

On Tuesday, the Park County Coroner’s Office and DNA Dot Project revealed that Anthony John Armbrust III had been identified by both agencies as the man found dead off Guanella Pass in 1974. It appears he died from multiple blunt force injuries caused likely by an intentional jump or fall.

Net Worth

John Armbruster, who has been teaching history and government at middle and high schools for twenty-nine years, has an estimated net worth of $700,000. He resides on a small farm in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region near Viroqua; additionally, he was previously a broadcast journalist who wrote for public radio and newspapers.

He is survived by two sons, Matthew and Joe, as well as his daughter-in-law JoAnn. Additionally, he has three grandchildren named Pepper, Seth, and Mitch. Sadly, in 2012 his beloved wife Carmen passed away from breast cancer; leaving behind a legacy of love, joy, gratitude that will be missed dearly by all his children and grandchildren. A kind and caring man who cherished life and always hoped for the best in everyone around him; he will be greatly missed by those left behind.

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