John Arruda

John Arruda

John Arruda is the Founder & President of Turbine Marine, an Industrial Machinery & Equipment company. His specialty lies in creating custom high-speed boats powered by turbines as well as turbine-powered generators.

Bourne asserts that Arruda and Brooks made defamatory statements at public meetings of the Madison Board of Selectmen, and seeks a judgment against the Town for this act.

Early Life and Education

John Arruda was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. His father was an ex-F-4 jet pilot who owned an Evinrude/Johnson outboard dealership.

His childhood dream was to soar through the air on jets above the ocean, but that dream never materialized.

After graduating from his education, he relocated to Florida and started a career as a crewmember on yachts. Soon after, he opened up a boat dealership and started designing turbine engines for high-performance boats.

He then founded Turbine Marine Inc., where he focused on designing and installing exotic turbine engines for high-speed boats. Additionally, his inventiveness enabled him to construct a turbine-powered generator used in nuclear power plants.

Professional Career

John Arruda achieved success in various sectors of the marine industry. He began as a crew member on yachts, ventured into brokerage, built custom high-speed boats, and developed a turbine powered generator which was selected by U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Industry to serve as its official emergency standby generator in case of nuclear accident or disaster.

Arruda’s life hasn’t been without hardships, but his strong willpower and optimism kept him going and helped him prevail. Now, he enjoys living independently in Kalaupapa and driving his pickup around the island. He’s proud to remain close to his daughter Pua and her family, while advocating for the preservation of Kalaupapa itself.

Achievements and Honors

Honors Convocation at the school is a highlight of many students’ calendar year. While numerous honorable mentions are given out during this ceremony, one of the most coveted awards is awarded to seniors – some of the finest alumni from our school who will carry their achievements forward in future years.

Caleb Arruda earned the most impressive award: a tie for the coveted golden crown! As a graduating senior in May 2019, his high-flyer award consisted of a 3D printed model of a biomedical device which will be utilized in future research projects. This award is truly remarkable and serves as testament to the school’s chemistry department’s superior expertise.

Personal Life

He was born in Germany on an Air Force base, lived in Oslo, Norway before moving to the United States. While here he had dreams of flying jets high above the water but those visions never materialized.

He eventually secured a dream job as a yacht captain in South Florida. Utilizing his Norwegian skillset, he developed Turbine, an exclusive brokerage company for high-performance boats.

Today, he lives as independently as possible and drives his pickup around Kalaupapa with ease, lifting visitors’ luggage with ease and always having an eye out for the ladies. Plus, he keeps up with Pua and her family. In appreciation of those who brought him here to Kalaupapa, he helps protect the island for future generations by maintaining its environmental quality.

Net Worth

John Arruda’s net worth is estimated to be over $125 million, the majority of which comes from real estate investments. Additionally, he owns various other assets like stocks and bonds as well. With years of experience under his belt as a real estate agent, John has achieved success and earned himself a place among the top agents in his region. Furthermore, an impressive list of clients who have purchased homes from him speaks for itself.

Arruda is one of a select group of senior public officials in Quebec who are paid well above the provincial average. Due to his position as director of public health, his salary has increased by 20% over eight years.

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