John Arscott

John Arscott

John Arscott was an eminent carpenter and served in the First Fleet for seven years. During this period, he is credited with saving HMS Scarborough from destruction after it capsized during battle.

He was born in Truro, Cornwall and baptized on 22 March 1767. On August 18, 1783 he was sentenced at Bodmin Assizes to seven years’ transportation.

Early Life and Education

John Arscott was born in Truro, Cornwall and grew up there before attending a local school. Later he went on to University to pursue architecture.

He served as a police officer for 28 years, working at Falmouth CID where he was involved in numerous high-profile cases.

He was a renowned hero, famous for saving a ship from going down on Norfolk Island and receiving an honorable pardon as compensation.

He served in the British army and Africa during World War II, later becoming a detective for Cornwall Constabulary. Tragically, he passed away last week at 83 years old in Penryn with his wife Trevina and two children by his side; all will be deeply missed.

Professional Career

John Arscott is the Chief Executive Officer of The Pete Store, a truck dealership with 15 locations across seven states. In addition to their renowned truck line, The Pete Store also provides parts and service for vehicles of all kinds. Plus they have an advanced training facility as well as an active community service program.

Spartanburg, South Carolina’s newest and most impressive facility is the company’s headquarters. It boasts state-of-the-art sales, parts and service departments all under one roof as well as an advanced telecommunications center and 175 room hotel/conference center. Their latest high-tech addition is a mobile vehicle tracking unit which will give customers real time fleet data while dispatchers have access to automated vehicle diagnostic and repair systems for optimal fleet performance.

Achievements and Honors

John Arscott was an eminent hunter who achieved many remarkable successes throughout his career. Additionally, he served in the British navy and saved two lives during an encounter with natives of Torres Strait.

He was an acclaimed racer and rower, winning multiple awards and titles throughout his career, including gold with the men’s eight at Head of the Gorge.

The Arscott family was well-known in North Devon and owned a substantial estate at Dunsland. They inherited it from their ancestors in 1522.

Personal Life

John was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend to those close to him. His kindness, compassion and generosity will be greatly missed by his family and friends alike.

He enjoyed art, bridge and playing cribbage throughout his life. Additionally, he took pleasure in traveling – particularly to the Dominican Republic and Ireland with his wife Mary.

He was the heir to Tetcott Manor and member of the Arscott family, though he passed away childless in 1675; his descendants inherited his estate starting in 1788. A mural monument in Tetcott Church commemorates his memory.

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