John Ayoob

John Ayoob – Top Office Broker at CBRE

John Ayoob is an esteemed office broker at CBRE with a focus on the South Bay market area. He began his tenure with CBRE in 1980 and quickly earned himself a place of distinction as one of the premier advisory and transaction office brokers in the region.

He is renowned for his expertise in leasing large spaces to clients throughout California. Through this connection, he has successfully represented multiple companies in leasing millions of square feet of space across multiple states.

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Professional Career

John Ayoob has 37 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry in Southern California and currently serves as Executive Vice President for CBRE. His expertise lies in leasing, selling and developing institutional office and research & development properties.

Ayoob is an experienced firearms instructor, martial artist and expert witness in the law enforcement use of force field. He founded Active Self Protection with a mission to empower people from all backgrounds with the knowledge, skills and strategies to defend themselves and their families from harm.

Before becoming the quarterback for Terra Linda High School, Ayoob was a junior college All-American and seven games starter for Cal in 2005. He was considered an early candidate for the first All-American Football League draft but never signed with an NFL team; now he coaches their defense alongside seniors Joe Migdal and Anthony Ferguson.

Achievements and Honors

John Ayoob has earned a reputation as an esteemed real estate broker. Since 1980, he has been associated with CBRE and specializes in office building advisory and transaction services throughout Southern California. Additionally, John is involved with various industry trade organizations.

He holds several distinctions and awards, such as being a Certified Real Estate Specialist, Certified Commercial Property Appraiser and Associate of the Institute of Real Estate Management. Furthermore, he currently serves on the Board of Directors for Los Angeles County Chamber of Commerce and was previously President of Southern California Real Estate Association.

Ayoob’s past achievements include a two-year stint at California, where he played quarterback and competed alongside future NFL stars DeSean Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. Additionally, he played professionally in arena football.

Personal Life

John Ayoob is a former college football player who now coaches quarterbacks at Terra Linda High School in California. Drawing upon his experiences as an NCAA Division I quarterback, he has been able to benefit the Trojans with his expertise.

He is a member of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network (ACLD), an organization which offers free legal counsel to those facing domestic or international violence threats.

The group has achieved remarkable results in helping individuals and their families receive justice in both civil and criminal cases. Over the course of its work, they have helped thousands of individuals obtain justice.

Ayoob also volunteers for the American Red Cross, providing medical care to those in need, including victims of natural disasters and terrorist attacks. He has contributed his time to countless other nonprofit organizations as well.

Net Worth

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