John Batting

John Batting – A Man of Few Words

John batting was a man who always told it like it was. He was a true gentleman with a big heart that was not afraid to remind people of their manners.

In his lifetime, he had a lot of impact on Bethlehem. His legacy is being continued through the batting cages that were put up for the youth of Bethlehem.

Early Life and Education

John was born into a slave family on the Bate farm six miles from Louisville, Kentucky, in December of 1855. He was a smart kid with a keen interest in all things sports related, and even a yen for the ladies.

Despite his parents’ best efforts, John was a slow learner. It wasn’t until his father took him to a more challenging school that he excelled academically. He also learned to read, a skill that would help him wrangle his family out of their substandard living situation in Louisville. Ultimately, John graduated from Berea College, one of the preeminent colleges in the country, and made the grade as a first-round draft pick in the professional baseball hall of fame. His career lasted more than a decade and he remains the only black player to make it to the majors.

Professional Career

Throughout an unhappy childhood, sports were the only safe havens John Bateman had. Baseball provided him a chance to show off his sweet swing, a patient batting eye and a solid glove.

Though injuries and inexperience hampered his budding career, he made the most of his opportunities. In his first major-league season, he led all catchers in plate appearances and was tied for the club lead in home runs.

On April 14, 1969, he caught the Expos’ first no-hitter. Over the next two years, he racked up hits, doubles, home runs and RBIs.

Achievements and Honors

John batting was an outstanding cricketer who enjoyed great success both as a batsman and bowler. He was a strong player who could play anywhere in the order and had an excellent strike rate.

As a slow leg spinner, he used variations, accuracy and persistence to beat the opposition’s batting line up. He often made the first breakthrough after a good start or changed the course of the game with wickets when the opposition’s innings looked to be in trouble.

During the nine seasons that he played for St George, John took out the club’s aggregate and average bowling honours. He also was a consistent bowler for the team in representative Country and ACT cricket.

Personal Life

Aside from his many accolades and the family of five he shares with wife Lynda, john is a man of few words. He is an ardent philanthropist, sports fanatic and self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things culinary and booze related. While he hasn’t plowed the field in a while, he is still a name to know when it comes to high-flyers and low-ballers alike. During the course of a typical season he averages out to around ten wins and three losses per year, which isn’t too shabby for a guy who is only four foot tall. He hasn’t had a single miss in over two years.

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