John Carnahan

John Carnahan is an award-winning composer, arranger, and conductor who has led multiple All-State and regional honor bands, university bands, and professional ensembles.

His credits also include executive producing and co-writing the pilot of NBC political thriller State of Affairs. Next he will direct Zachary Levi in survival thriller Not Without Hope, an adaptation from Nick Schuyler and Jere Longman’s best-selling book.

Early Life and Education

John Carnahan was born in Cleveland Heights and raised on family farms in Pulaski County, Virginia. After graduating with a B.A. from the University of Missouri and J.D. from Duke Law School respectively, he went on to practice law while also serving in Missouri House of Representatives as an attorney and member. Today he works with Carnahan Global Consulting of St Louis and Washington DC specialising in international business, legal, and governmental consulting services.

At university level, he also teaches and conducts wind ensembles that have become widely renowned for their exceptional performance quality and innovative musical interpretation. In addition, he frequently presents at national and state music education conferences and festivals and writes numerous band compositions – one winning the Young Band Composition Competition from CBDNA!

Professional Career

John Carnahan has established an excellent career as an attorney in Ohio. He served on the board of Columbus Bar Association and for years was an active member of American Bar Association.

He has written articles for various publications and contributed to numerous professional journals. He enjoys great renown among his peers and is highly esteemed by clients alike.

He has also contributed his talents to NBC political thriller State of Affairs and produced the non-fiction book Not Without Hope, as well as directed films including Detroit-set crime drama Narc and most recently action flick The Fate of the Furious. Additionally, he remains committed to his family life with many close relationships throughout his life.

Achievement and Honors

He is an in-demand clinician, leading numerous clinics for music education organizations and conferences. His innovative, thought-provoking sessions on ensemble rehearsal techniques are well received.

He has written and recorded several compositions and arrangements for band, orchestra, and chamber music ensembles at university level. These ensembles have become internationally acclaimed for their unique musical interpretation and performance quality.

John has always demonstrated a passion for social justice through civic involvement and social equality, serving on various boards and committees such as his four-term term as president of East Baton Rouge Parish Library Board of Control.

He and Carolyn enjoy golfing together during retirement, and he’s also been involved with the local community tennis club for many years.

Personal Life

John has made it his mission to promote racial and social equality as a founding member of Together Baton Rouge. Additionally, he is involved with community work as four-term board chair of East Baton Rouge Parish Library System.

Carnahan has long been in demand as a guest conductor, adjudicator, lecturer, composer/arranger, and lecturer at national and international venues such as Music Educators National Conference Biennial and National Conferences; College Band Directors National Association National, Southwestern, Western/Northwestern Division Conferences; as well as numerous performances across Europe, Japan and Korea.

His university ensembles have earned wide acclaim for their innovative musical interpretation and exceptional performance quality, earning acclaim from music professionals around the country. Furthermore, he has written multiple pieces published through GIA Publications; three of these works won Young Band Composition Contest awards from College Band Directors National Association.

Net Worth

Carnahan’s distinct style and vision have had a lasting effect on a generation of filmmakers, best-known for his cutting-edge films that challenge what can be accomplished within cinema.

Film director Tony Scott has won acclaim both cult- and critical-wise for his movies Blood, Guts, Bullets; Octane Narc and Smokin Aces as well as his work as screenwriter and producer.

In 2014, he executive produced and co-directed Katherine Heigl’s and Alfre Woodard’s NBC political thriller State of Affairs as executive producers and directors respectively. Additionally, he directed 2010’s The A-Team and 2011’s The Grey, both featuring Liam Neeson. Furthermore, he is working on a remake of The Raid while owning multiple luxury homes in Los Angeles with his wife and three children in their household. According to numerology, his Life Path Number 3 signifies creativity and effective communication abilities.

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