John Cavanna

John Cavanna – A Man of Many Talents

John Cavanna is a man of many talents. He’s a tactics expert and dedicated law enforcement officer who works as a SWAT supervisor for the Hartford, CT police department.

Outside of his duties, Cavanna hosts a Christmas event for young guests at his family farm in Glastonbury. It features an onsite train and Santa’s cabin.

Early Life and Education

As a child, John Cavanna dreamed of becoming a police officer. From his family’s farm in South Glastonbury, he could see the city of Hartford, which struck him as “like a brick of fire.” He wanted to serve the community and become involved.

He achieved his dreams, serving in law enforcement for 15 years, as a SWAT supervisor and Rangemaster Sergeant for the Hartford police department. He is also a member of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Clandestine Laboratory Team.

Professional Career

john cavanna has been in the education business for more than three decades. A veteran educator, he’s held many leadership roles in both public and private schools. Most recently, he served as the Superintendent of West Orange Public Schools.

During his tenure, he reimagined the district’s curriculum and educational programs to maximize student achievement in a culturally diverse environment.

He has also been an innovator in the field of education technology, using the latest and greatest hardware and software to transform schools into high-performance learning environments. He is a frequent presenter at national and regional conferences, delivering innovative solutions that raise the bar on performance and increase teacher and administrator engagement. He is a true believer in the power of community and collaboration to improve student outcomes.

Achievements and Honors

John Cavanna is a proud New Englander, with an impressive career in public education. Currently, he serves as the headmaster of Warde High School in Fairfield.

In his past, he held the position of Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent in the New York City metropolitan area. In those roles, he led a team that transformed an inner city district into a model of reform.

He also holds the honor of being awarded the prestigious Doctor of Education degree by Fordham University. A highly accomplished administrator, he is a recognized expert in program management, personnel development, educational innovation and team building. His accolades also include a number of other honors including the Touro College naming him as its most distinguished graduate. A true testament to his dedication and tenacity is his ability to retain top talent in the classroom, as well as in the workplace.

Personal Life

Cavanna is a very busy man. He works as a police officer in Hartford, Connecticut.

He is a SWAT supervisor and Rangemaster Sergeant with the department. He is also a member of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Clandestine Laboratory Team.

When he is not serving as a police officer, Cavanna spends time on his family farm. This winter he hosted a group of Hartford kids for a maple sugaring event on his farm.

He makes a difference in the lives of at-risk youth by offering them a chance to make their dreams come true. This is done through his Gray Granite Railroad and Santa’s Cabin at Cavanna Farms.

Net Worth

According to his public records, john cavanna has a net worth of at least $95.9 thousand dollars. He is a professional stock trader and has made several large trades in the past. He owns over 9,930 units of Ultralife Corp stock. As of 11 December 2008, he bought this stock for $99,995 and sold it for $88,070. He has also bought and sold other stock. He has an average of 497 stock trades per 61 days. He is currently a member of the stock exchanges in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. He is also the President of the Board of Directors of the NASCAR Racing Hub and FS1 Racing.

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