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John Celauro – Biography

John Celauro is an experienced litigator, arbitrator and business counselor. He focuses his practice on business divorce and complex ownership dispute resolution.

The two trusts own a total of 18.8 percent of the shares in two closely held family corporations, 4C Foods Corp. and Celauro Sales, Inc.

Early Life and Education

According to the 1940 United States census, john celauro was born about 1893 in Italy. In 1940, he lived with his father, Benny, and mother, Grace, in Kings, New York.

Upon Frank Celauro’s death, his 56% share of 4C passed to his son. Today, john serves as president of 4C and chairman of the board.

In December 2003, Gaetana Celauro filed a derivative action against John Celauro and other 4C officials for the alleged diversion of company funds to his paramour, Grace Glatstein, in excess of $687,000 and concealment of co-ownership of Golden with Grace with control of its bank accounts and investments. She also alleges that Wayne Celauro, who was a member of the board of directors at 4C, was personally attacking her and opposing her suit.

Professional Career

John Celauro began his professional career in his father’s business, 4C Foods. He has been employed by the company since he graduated from college in 1978 and has held various positions, including Sales Vice President, until 2005.

In the last decade, the company has grown from a small grocery store to a major international corporation that produces and distributes products in over 100 countries. Currently, John Celauro owns or controls 56 percent of 4C Foods’ shares, and his mother, Gaetana, is in control of another 21 percent. In addition, he has made strategic investments in 4C that have increased his share of the company’s profits. Moreover, the company has received numerous awards for its efforts to improve the environment. The company is also a member of the Fortune 500 list.

Personal Life

John Celauro is the president and chief executive officer of 4C Foods Corp., a closely held family corporation owned by Salvatore F. Celauro, his nephew John and various other family members and trusts.

He owns or directly controls approximately 56 percent of 4C’s stock, controls or has aligned the votes of the shareholders of another 21 percent of the shares and is a majority owner of 35% of the voting coalition.

Gaetana Celauro, Salvatore’s wife and co-executrix of his estate, filed a lawsuit against John in September 2003 for alleged diversions of 4C assets. The suit was subsequently settled.

Net Worth

John Celauro is the president and CEO of 4C Foods, which he founded in 1991. He is also the company’s majority shareholder. His net worth is estimated to be $25-34K. He is married to Gaetana Celauro and has no children. They live in their home in Los Angeles, California. People in this area have a median net worth of $15-24K. See below for more information on John’s biography. It includes information on his family, education, and career.

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