John Coequyt

John Coequyt

John Coequyt is the director of U.S. government affairs at RMI, formerly Rocky Mountain Institute. He specializes in climate change issues and energy policy formulation.

He has been involved with climate change and energy for over a decade. Currently, he directs the Sierra Club’s international climate programs and serves as its federal climate campaign leader.

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Professional Career

John Coequyt is an accomplished environmentalist with the capacity for multitasking. As director of Sierra Club’s federal policy and advocacy team, he has been at the forefront of policymaking for nearly a decade, spearheading initiatives like advocating for Clean Air Act reform. Unfortunately, Coequyt knows all too well the potential pitfalls that EPA regulations can present; his most notable misstep may have been their ineffective oversight on climate change – ironic considering he was originally responsible for their rewrite of rules in the first place!

Personal Life

Coequyt is the Director of Sierra Club International Climate Programs and an expert on domestic climate change and energy issues. He has been involved with these issues for over a decade. Before joining the Sierra Club, Coequyt served as Senior Analyst at Environmental Working Group.

Coequyt opposed EPA Administrator Pruitt’s stringent regulations designed to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants. He criticized the agency for setting standards too difficult for such facilities to meet, and further noted that such rules would undermine smog reduction efforts. In May 2011, he sent an email directly to Michael Goo – then head of policy division at EPA – from his personal Yahoo email address; these emails were later published by Business Insider on Monday.

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