John Cofrancesco

John Cofrancesco

John Cofrancesco is an accomplished business and transactional attorney, with extensive expertise in counseling corporations on how to maximize profitability and mitigate risk. Additionally, he is an accomplished trial lawyer.

Cofrancesco has a bustling law practice and serves as General Counsel for two companies. He also takes pride in being an active community leader and volunteer.

Early Life and Education

Children’s brains develop rapidly during their early years. Additionally, they acquire essential emotional skills like self-assurance, respect of one’s peers, and positive self-belief.

They form social connections and begin to shape their understanding of the world. These experiences lay the groundwork for future learning, behavior and health outcomes.

Teachers strive to create an atmosphere in the early years that provides children with a variety of stimulation, support and nurturing. This is essential for their development since it helps them form connections in their brain that enable them to learn.

Studies show that kids who participate in an early education program perform better academically, have healthier personalities, lower crime rates and less dependency on others. Furthermore, they are more likely to graduate high school on time and go on to college.

Professional Career

John Cofrancesco is an esteemed figure in the fields of big data analytics, management and leadership. His company Acuity Systems assists large organizations create data-driven decision making models.

He has also penned the book The Data Revolution: Revolutionizing How We Collaborate and Make Decisions.

He was one of the pioneers in using big data analytics to solve real-world problems, having worked for several companies before joining Fortress Information Security.

John Cofrancesco has made a lasting impact on the lives of many. His memory lives on through an endowed scholarship award that recognizes young students who demonstrate academic aptitude and leadership abilities in sports, school and their communities. Furthermore, he is passionate about Salve Regina College and regularly meets with prospective students to explain why they should choose this college over others.

Achievements and Honors

John Cofrancesco has always demonstrated the spirit of service. Not only has he served as lawyer and general counsel to two companies, but he has also dedicated a considerable amount of time to volunteer work.

He has achieved a great deal, serving on the board of directors of the New Haven Community Development Corporation. Additionally, his work with the New Haven YMCA and Sussex County Technical School was recognized with awards.

As a Salve Regina graduate, his support of the University is unwavering. He regularly hosts open houses and helps organize events for incoming students and their families in an effort to show his love and support.

He also shows his loyalty to Salve Regina College by mentoring current students. Additionally, he has served on the Salve Regina Student Leadership Committee for several years.

Personal Life

He dedicated his life to aiding older adults. As an administrator for a nursing facility, he volunteered his services on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association.

He was a loving family man and dedicated his free time to inspiring our youth through sports. As such, BDC is honored to be part of his legacy through the John Cofrancesco scholarship award in his memory.

He is survived by his loving wife of 52 years, Beverly; their 4 sons Michael, Matthew, Mark and John; as well as four grandchildren.

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