John Colantuoni

John Colantuoni

John Colantuoni is a respected figure within the construction industry. With his vast knowledge, he is widely respected within his community.

He is known for his hard work and competitive spirit, as well as his impressive athletic ability. As such, he makes a valuable asset to any team; serving as an effective setup man in the bullpen for two seasons now.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education (ECE) is an integral component of a child’s lifelong development. It emphasizes the critical milestones, skills and concepts children acquire during their formative years – from social-emotional abilities to beginnings of numeracy, literacy and critical thinking.

These formative years provide children with essential emotional skills such as self-assurance and emotion regulation, self-expression, respect for one’s feelings and positive self-belief. These traits will equip them with the capacity to manage increasingly complex social-emotional and academic difficulties later on in life.

National University’s Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education program emphasizes the significance of play as a primary learning method for young children. This course equips students with skills to design lesson plans incorporating various aspects of play, as well as ways to extend these activities through art, music and dance.

Professional Career

John Colantuoni’s most rewarding role as an instructional designer at the School of Business allows him to witness students achieve success and learn from their mistakes. However, this only works if students have the right attitude and have all necessary tools in their arsenal. To foster such an environment, curriculums need to be carefully planned with clearly defined aims and objectives for each student – leading not only to increased potential but also a higher quality of life for all involved.

Achievements and Honors

Colantuoni was honored to receive the esteemed Argyros Medal by Chapman University in 2013. This award is the ultimate recognition bestowed upon Masimo (NASDAQ: MASI), an innovative company dedicated to improving patient outcomes with a focus on profitability. The Argonaut enthusiast was praised for his philanthropic leadership, business acumen and innovative customer service approach. He strongly believes in the power of collaboration and supportive staff to achieve success; he’s also proud dad to three children and four grandchildren. Additionally, he was active in the local business community as well as supporting his alma mater with enthusiasm. As an octogenarian member, he will be greatly missed by friends, family, colleagues and students alike.

Personal Life

John Colantuoni was an exemplary family man, loving his wife and cherishing his children. He made an amazing father, grandfather, and great-grandfather; he relished spending time with his grandchildren as well as gardening avidly.

He enjoyed playing golf and volunteering for various sports organizations. Furthermore, he was active within his community.

He was a long-standing member of the First Congregational Church of Revere and past commander of Dedham American Legion Post 18.

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