John Dabrowski

John Dabrowski

John Dabrowski is an inspirational speaker and businessman who helps individuals and organisations develop World Class Mental Resilience. He has an abundance of experience from the sporting and business world.

He has been a top performing premier league basketball club manager, a high achieving radio sales manager and a multi award winning agency director in the advertising and marketing world. He is also a qualified NLP coach and translates theories into practical take aways in his keynotes.

Early Life and Education

John dabrowski was born in London and grew up a mere hop, skip and jump from the city centre. He graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BSc in Mathematics and Physics, and went on to become an award-winning advertising and marketing executive. He was a founding partner of a successful advertising and public relations agency and was known for his wit and charm in the boardroom and on the golf course. He is a proud father of four children, Julie (Leo), Patrick, Joseph and Johnna. He is also survived by eleven adoring grandchildren. The world’s most laudable and prestigious accolade was his nomination for the Order of the British Empire, and he has also received many awards from industry organizations. He is also a member of the Association of Master Class speakers, and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Professional Career

Global speaker, author and Mental Resilience Expert John Dabrowski combines a vast amount of experience in the business world with an impressive ability to make personal growth simple. His infectious enthusiasm and energy easily inspires audiences.

He is a qualified NLP coach and translates theories to practical takeaways in his keynotes. This allows him to truly teach his audience the right techniques to create the future they want.

He began his career as a professional basketball player for England in the Commonwealth Games and still holds the British record for most points scored in one game (98). Afterwards, he entered the advertising and marketing industry as a high achieving radio sales manager. He then went on to become an award winning agency director.

Achievements and Honors

John dabrowski has achieved many personal and professional milestones in his life. He has been a top basketball player for England and holds the British record for most points scored in one game at 98.

He has also held a successful career in the advertising industry, including being a multi-award winning agency director. He now teaches mental resilience to business people and helps them overcome adversity.

He is a mind coach and motivational speaker who uses visualisation and inner voice techniques to help people create the future they want. He uses his own experience, stories and achievements in first sports and then business to motivate others.

Personal Life

John Dabrowski is an inspirational speaker and mental resilience expert. He delivers keynote talks for a variety of organizations around the world.

As an inspirational speaker, he connects with audiences through authenticity, outstanding story telling, and practical techniques. People leave his presentations feeling more empowered and motivated to overcome challenges.

Having a background in sports and business, he has a vast knowledge of mental resilience. He has used this to excel in his career.

He has been a top performing premier league basketball club general manager, a highly rated teacher, and an award winning radio sales manager. He has also worked in advertising and design agencies, and is a qualified NLP practitioner and coach.

Net Worth

John Dabrowski has a net worth of $640 thousand dollars. He is a self-employed financial advisor and he owns a home in Waddell, AZ. He has been married for 1 Years and he has no children living in the house. His estimated income is $75-99K per year.

His stock trading history shows that he traded 8,000 units of PRCP on 25 February 2014. It is unknown how much he owns in the stock, but it is likely that he has traded over 3 times since 2013. He has also sold a lot of stock, selling 16,000 shares on 5 September 2013 for over $164,000. Dabrowski has been with Perceptron for 19 years and has made over three trades of this stock over the past year.

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