John Disterdick

John Disterdick Is Still a Champ

John Disterdick has retired from competitive boxing, but he’s still a champion in other ways.

He’s an active participant at his local gym and works to motivate kids to improve their health and fitness levels.

He’s a seasoned triathlon veteran, having won more medals than anyone else the past three years at local and state Senior Games. Additionally, his accomplishments were featured in USA Triathlon Magazine.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Disterdick earned an impressive list of accolades and awards during his illustrious career, but the crown jewel is the title of Master World Champion. This distinction is fitting for a boxer with more championship wins than any other American in history.

Disterdick was renowned for his professional accomplishments as well as being one of the early pioneers in triathlon. He earned recognition through competitions, race director roles, and event organizing responsibilities. Throughout his lifelong dedication to triathlon – including over 100 competitive races and numerous training sessions – Disterdick earned numerous accolades for his presentations and seminars on the topic.

Personal Life

John Disterdick, 73, has been an accomplished athlete throughout his life. He has achieved numerous national championships in triathlon and other sports as well as competing in the Senior Olympics.

In 2007, John decided to try boxing after hearing of a Michigan boxer competing as a master. To prepare, he trained and sparred in the gym with his local partner Jack Godwin.

He eventually won each year of the Ringside World Championships weight class titles, ranging from 178 to 198 pounds. This feat made him the cover boy for Masters Boxing Magazine and made him a fan favorite with children rushing to his ringside.

Net Worth

John Disterdick, a Chattanooga, Tennessee resident, has an estimated net worth of approximately $400,000 dollars. This includes his home and property worth $272,000, along with cars and other personal possessions. Additionally, he owns an engagement ring as well as oil and gas investments made during his marriage to Desiree Daniels Disterdick. After conducting an equitable distribution of assets during trial court proceedings, it was decided that John wasn’t entitled to receive alimony from his wife for these investments.

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