John Dysart

John Dysart

John Dysart is a retired business executive and author of the business thriller ‘Trail of Greed’. He resides in France.

As a nationally-renowned expert in enrollment management, he has collaborated with colleges and universities to increase new student enrollments, reduce or stabilize discount rates, and enhance academic quality. Additionally, he has conducted seminars and given presentations for 18 higher education professional organizations.

Early Life and Education

John Dysart is a graduate of The Catholic University of America with over thirty years of higher education experience. He has held various positions such as Director of Financial Aid, Assistant Director of Admissions and Dean of the Evening College.

He is an experienced trial lawyer with a specialty in transportation and products liability cases. He has tried hundreds of cases to verdict in state and federal courts across Missouri and Kansas. As past president of the Transportation Lawyers Association, he currently serves on the Missouri Bar’s Tort & Transportation Law Committee.

Professional Career

Dysart made his name in radio and later at New York’s Circle in the Square Theatre during the 1950s. His quiet authority allowed him to portray presidents, generals and corporate executives onstage.

He has also featured in many films and TV shows, earning him numerous awards for his performances.

Over the years, he has provided consulting services to more than 160 colleges and universities in 35 states. His efforts have resulted in significant enrollment growth, decreased discount rates, and enhanced academic quality.

Achievements and Honors

John Dysart has extensive experience working in higher education. For three decades, he has advised more than 160 colleges and universities across 35 states on enrollment management, admissions policies, and financial aid matters.

He has also served as a national officer for SkillsUSA, giving students the chance to be leaders and advocates in various positions. Currently, he serves as Region 5 Vice President for SkillsUSA.

Recently, HOSA students from Dysart High School and Willow Canyon High School participated in the HOSA State Leadership Conference in Tucson. This conference offered them an invaluable opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals, acquire new skills, and partake in various events.

Personal Life

John Dysart is a retired business executive with plenty of time on his hands and stories to tell! He authored two business thrillers, ‘Trail of Greed’ and ‘Pursuit’.

His free time is filled with adventures such as traveling, camping and fishing. Additionally, he loves to read and write.

He is married to Nancy and they have a daughter named Judith-Anne.

As an expert in enrollment management, he has worked with numerous higher education institutions, such as Roosevelt University. Through his guidance and assistance, the university achieved unprecedented growth in enrollment numbers; this boost ensured the quality of its academic programs remained uncompromised.

He is a member of the American Association for Enrollment Management, having earned national recognition as an expert in this field. Known for his creative thinking and effective strategies, he strives to ensure all students achieve success.

Net Worth

Dysart had a successful career as both an actor and comic book writer, creating several series for Valiant Entertainment such as Bloodshot and Harbinger.

He wrote the one-shot Van Helsing: Beneath the Rue Morgue, which tied in with Universal’s film, and Skull & Bones: A Monster House Story. Additionally, he provided voiceovers for Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn: The Animated Series.

Dysart spends his free time teaching and advocating the value of comics. He’s spoken at the West Hollywood Book Fair, moderated panels at Ohio University and written articles for LA Weekly about comics’ appeal. A passionate supporter of this medium, Dysart has helped many find their place within it.

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