John Eastberg

John Eastberg – Senior Historian and Director of Development for the Pabst Mansion

John Eastberg has served as senior historian and director of development for Milwaukee’s Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion since 1993. Throughout America, he explores the life and legacy of the Pabst family through research projects.

Recently, He collaborated with Layton Art Collection President Eric Vogel on a book that illuminates the hidden history of Frederick Layton, one of Minneapolis’ earliest patrons of the arts.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Most people have never visited the legendary Milwaukee home of beer king Captain Frederick Pabst. For over a century, this iconic landmark has been cared for by an incredible group of dedicated volunteers. One of the most coveted accolades for Alverno College is its designation as a national historic landmark. Notably, this beautiful building also serves as its name-sake. With an outstanding faculty and staff who are truly committed to the cause, Alverno College has had a storied past and is well on its way to future success. To honor its most accomplished alumni, many renowned former students continue to give back with their expertise, talent and resources to the school’s family. With more than 2,000 students enrolled across classrooms, online learning platforms and on campus, this prestigious institution boasts an impressive alumni presence.

Achievements and Honors

John Eastberg is a senior historian and director of development for Milwaukee’s Pabst Mansion. He has been with the institution since 1993 and has received numerous awards and honors throughout his career.

He is the author of several books, including 2010 Ruth Emery Award-winner The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion and 2009 Henry-Russell Hitchcock Award winner Harbor Hill: Portrait of a House. His most recent publication Pabst Farms: A History of a Model Farm is available at local bookshops.

He received an Excellence in Leadership and Management Award from the NIH in 2010 for his leadership, coordination, and development of occupational medical response to COVID-19 pandemic at NIH sites in Maryland, Montana, and North Carolina. Furthermore, he served on NIH RADx-Up initiative which sought to address health disparities related to COVID-19; he created data harmonization guidance that can be utilized within this program.

Personal Life

John Eastberg, senior historian and director of development at Milwaukee’s Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion, has been dedicated to preserving and understanding the legacy of one of America’s most influential brewers for over 15 years. His latest venture is Pabst 360 – a high-tech tour of their house that will become one of Milwaukee’s top tourist attractions by 2020.

Other notable achievements of his include his many accolades and dedication to his wife and dog — not to mention the numerous awards. Additionally, he is an acclaimed historian and self-declared art enthusiast who has written multiple books on the topic as well as blog posts related to it.

Net Worth

John Eastberg has served as senior historian at Milwaukee’s Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion since 1993 and is currently working on a biography of Captain Frederick Pabst and his family that will tell the tale of their empire while celebrating their many contributions to American history. Aside from his job at Pabst Mansion, Eastberg owns a home in Alverno Heights and enjoys reading widely; additionally he and his wife Linda enjoy traveling around the world to discover new things together.

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