John Fudge

John Fudge

John Fudge was a well-known painter who depicted pop themes such as horror and comics in his artwork. His works were collected by numerous museums around the world.

His business venture with partner Ralph Ross, Rescue Enterprises, assists distressed companies. They assess small and mid-sized business profiles in order to help them secure loans.

Early Life and Education

John Fudge was raised in Spring Lake, New Jersey and credits his parents and Boy Scouts with instilling the morals and character that are necessary to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Now an entrepreneur and Vice President of USA Funding Inc. in Howell, John holds many titles such as business owner, investor, and philanthropist.

Minister for Magic, he served as a key intermediary between the Wizarding world and Muggle Prime Minister. When major crises in the wizarding realm threatened Muggles, he would often travel to Hogwarts for advice and representation.

He often took the approach of reacting to issues rather than creating solutions, which is a common trait among politicians and bureaucrats. Unfortunately, Fudge’s indecisiveness made him incapable of making sound decisions in his role as Minister. Furthermore, his misjudgments were numerous–such as when he placed Dementors at Hogwarts in an effort to recapture Sirius Black.

Professional Career

John Fudge has extensive professional experience as a real estate lawyer. With his vast network of contacts, he can assist clients in reinvigorating their retail real estate businesses.

He is the co-founder of USA Funding Inc., a business that evaluates small and mid-sized businesses to help them get loans approved. Together with his business partner Ralph Ross, he has been in this industry for more than 30 years.

He attributes his parents and the Boy Scouts with instilling the morals and guidance that have enabled his success. He holds that the scout motto, “To do your duty to God and your country,” is at the foundation of every great accomplishment. Furthermore, he strongly believes in the transformative power of mentorship.

Achievements and Honors

John Fudge was an accomplished painter and professor of art, with his works featured in numerous museums and private collections worldwide.

Throughout his career, he was recognized with several honors; one of the most prestigious being the Cooper Award in Biology.

He was also honored by the University of Colorado at Denver with a professorship in painting. His artwork features abstract-surreal views.

Fudge began his career as a balloon artist while still in high school. Although he wasn’t particularly gifted at magic camp, an old man with a Captain Kangaroo moustache taught him how to twist balloons.

Personal Life

John Fudge was a devout Christian who enjoyed sports and teaching the youth.

He began his career in food distribution before transitioning into being a truck driver.

He enjoyed writing poetry and short stories in his free time, while playing drums for his local band in his spare time.

However, he was a philanderer and had an abusive relationship with his wife Sara Faye. Additionally, the bond he shared with his daughter Marcia was also strained.

His personal life was the subject of the 2012 film Hell and Mr. Fudge, released by Universal Pictures. A self-described “contrarian,” his views on eternal punishment were contrary to those held by many and he also opposed war as an option. Tragically, he passed away August 14th 1999 in Lakewood, Colorado USA from natural causes.

Net Worth

John Fudge is a Spring Lake native and successful businessman and entrepreneur. He owns multiple companies, such as USA Funding Inc. in Howell, which assists small and mid-sized businesses with getting loans.

He owns several real estate properties in the area, including an architectural antique store. As an enthusiast for old things and history, his passion has grown over time.

Fudge also loves reality TV and has appeared on several shows such as Love Island, Dancing On Ice and Celebrity X Factor. As a result of his success, Fudge now has amassed an impressive net worth of $5 million dollars.

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