John Gabrielson

John Gabrielson

John Gabrielson was a kind, genuine, independent, and fun to be around person. He touched a lot of people throughout his life and will always be remembered by them.

John is the head of Similis Bio, a unit within JSR Life Sciences that develops analytically validated biosimilars. He talks to Generics Bulletin about the company’s approach to bringing these products to market.

Early Life and Education

As Legat’s Iowa City studio leader, John Gabrielson is responsible for a portfolio of corporate, mixed-use, and higher education projects. He uses his background in architecture to design spaces that improve user performance and foster collaboration.

He has helped clients explore recycled materials and energy- and water-efficient strategies. Before joining Legat, he played a key role in the first LEED Platinum-certified facility on University of Iowa’s main campus.

Gabrielson is a lifelong Iowan and a proud member of the community. He is married to his wife Marie and they live in Delray Beach, Florida. He is an avid reader and theater fan, and he enjoys spending time with his rescue Poovanese dog Teddy. Currently, John is pursuing his interest in mission and ministry. He is also passionate about intercultural development and culture studies.

Professional Career

As a trial lawyer, john gabrielson has achieved a prodigious win record. He has also received numerous awards for his work, including being named as one of the top lawyers in Minnesota.

Gabrielson has a knack for handling complicated cases with compassion and sensitivity to his clients’ needs. Whether they are injured by a motor vehicle accident, farm accident, product liability or workplace accident, his clients are impressed with the care he and his team give to them.

At conferences, he harnesses his magic to subtly transform audience members’ attitudes and behaviors. He uses his acronym GABE – gratitude, attitude, behavior, energy – to guide audiences through their challenges and remind them that though they can’t control the things that happen to them, they have the power to choose the way they think about them.

Achievements and Honors

john gabrielson is a scientist and entrepreneur who has developed and implemented analytical methods for purity determination, identity confirmation, structural characterization, and comparability testing of biologics. He has delivered invited presentations, issued one patent and written numerous articles and book chapters.

This collection contains Gabrielson’s papers and publications relating to his work in wildlife conservation, including correspondence, species notes, subject files and drafts of chapters. Also included are photographs, personal papers and obituaries.

Gabrielson served as a field biologist for the Bureau of Biological Survey and the Fish and Wildlife Service from 1922 to 1942, during which time he helped shape important wildlife legislation. He was a co-author of several books, including The Birds of Alaska with Frederick C. Lincoln. Records in this series include correspondence between Gabrielson and Lincoln, as well as documents containing species notes, subject files and a few photographs.

Personal Life

John Gabrielson was a leader in the conservation and wildlife fields. He wrote speeches and articles on a wide variety of topics, many of which were published in various journals.

He was also active in a number of other professional organizations. He was a member of the American Ornithologists’ Union and he served as chairman of its Bird Protection Committee.

He was also a member of the American Association of Architects and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. He currently leads the Iowa City studio of Legat Architects, where his practice focuses on corporate, mixed-use, and higher education facilities. He has also worked on a number of housing and residential projects. He is also a certified trainer for the National Institute of Building Sciences.

Net Worth

John Gabrielson is a writer, journalist and investigator. He works for The Center for Investigative Reporting, where he concentrates on criminal equity. His examinations have uncovered essential deficiencies in the logical proof framework, blunders in the United States Supreme Court and lethal conditions inside neighborhood prisons. His work has gotten various honors, including the George Polk Award and a Livingston Award for public announcing. He is married to Rachel and they live in Oakland, California with their two children.

As of 8 February 2021, he has a net worth of $17 million. He owns over 10,000 units of stock in Sharps Compliance and has made 19 trades since 2009. He currently makes $113,420 as an Independent Director at Sharps Compliance. His largest trade was selling 602,500 units of Sharps Compliance stock on 14 December 2009 for over $5,524,925.

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