John Guerrero

John Guerrero

Jon Guerra is a singer-songwriter best known as the former worship leader of Vertical Worship. He has released two albums to date.

He has no formal musical training, yet draws inspiration from prayer, ministry and nature to craft his music. For years now he has been crafting religious and inspirational songs with a message for people.

Early Life and Education

Jonathan Guerra, a self-described “camera nerd” and lifelong learner, is one of the most highly educated students on campus. Additionally, he’s the first in his family to attend college after enrolling at Quinnipiac University from Mexico.

He has an eclectic background in music and art, having studied classical piano as well as jazz guitar. Additionally, he’s played in several local bands.

Guerra has been an impressive athlete throughout his high school career, competing in multiple state and national events. His ambition is to continue playing on the CCC level and eventually make it to college. Aside from his academic successes, he enjoys spending time with friends and family; his strong work ethic allows him to help those in need whenever necessary.

Professional Career

John Guerrero has been in the wrestling business since 1995. He began with CMLL and has since worked for other promotions such as AAA, World Wrestling All-Stars, Frontier Wrestling Alliance and Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW).

Guerrero was a member of the Radicalz alongside Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit in WCW. He engaged in an epic feud with Chris Jericho, Benoit and X-Pac over the Intercontinental Championship that culminated with a Fatal Four-Way match at No Way Out 2001.

After a brief stint in TNA, he returned to Lucha Libre. He formed Team Mexico with AAA veterans Mr. Aguila, Hector Garza, Abismo Negro and Heavy Metal to compete in TNA’s World X Cup matches.

Achievements and Honors

Jon Guerra is an accomplished musician and songwriter with an impressive portfolio of work. He will continue to be one of the artists to watch in years ahead.

He is currently based in Chicago, Illinois and a songwriter. As an accomplished artist, he has collaborated with numerous renowned artists and released multiple albums. Additionally, he has made appearances on television and in films.

Jon Guerra’s career highlights include winning the Music Academy Award for Best Male Vocalist in 2011 and earning him a Grammy nomination for his album Glass, earning him an illustrious gold plaque. Aside from his incredible musical accomplishments, he also dedicates time and resources to various charity organizations – one being Houston Food Bank – through donations of both time and money.

Personal Life

Jon Guerra is an American worship singer-songwriter and musician. He began his career with the Vertical Church Band in the early 2010s before embarking on a solo career with his 2014 single, “I Will Follow,” followed by the 2015 album Little Songs.

He has also collaborated with his wife Valerie on several singles and Christmas albums. Additionally, he has recorded music for film projects.

He started in 57 games for NCCU as a sophomore, serving as team captain for three years and helping the Eagles win three consecutive MEAC championships.

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