John Guidry

John Guidry – CEO of Bank of Nevada

John Guidry is the CEO of Bank of Nevada, a large community bank located in Las Vegas. With over 36 years of experience in financial services, he brings an invaluable perspective to his position.

He was born in Louisiana and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Additionally, he holds a Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law Center.

Early Life and Education

John Gourdry (’83) learned at an early age how to take a difficult situation and turn it around. This lesson, which he applies in his current job at Bank of Nevada and First Independent Bank, is that hard work, dedication and the right people can make all the difference in the world.

John Guedry is an accomplished banker and passionate supporter of public education in Southern Nevada. He founded the annual Business + Education (BE) Engaged Summit to encourage businesses to get involved with educational advocacy for improved schools. John and Debra are dedicated to making Clark County School District a better place for families, learners, and workers. John has expressed interest in running for Congress in 2010, as he loves his hometown of Las Vegas and would love the chance to represent it on Capitol Hill.

Professional Career

John Guedry has been in the financial industry for 38 years, holding positions in banking, mortgage brokerage and real estate investment services. In 2011, he joined Bank of Nevada as CEO and continues to provide leadership within that organization.

He has served on various boards and committees throughout the community. Additionally, he founded the Business + Education (BE) Engaged Summit, an annual event that encourages local business people to contribute their expertise towards improving public education in Nevada.

He is a proud UNLV graduate and credits his degree with making him a better leader. He has received numerous professional and civic awards such as The Public Education Foundation’s Education Hero Award, UNLV’s Lee Business School Alumnus of the Year, and most recently The William S. Boyd Award of Excellence from Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada for his outstanding support of legal aid and pro bono services provided.

Achievements and Honors

John Guedry has been an integral member of the Las Vegas community for over 25 years, serving on numerous philanthropic boards and charitable events. He is past chairman of both the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and The Public Education Foundation.

Guedry was previously CEO and President of Business Bank of Nevada, which was later acquired by City National Bank of Nevada. While at the helm, he spearheaded the launch of their Gaming National Business Line and expansion into Utah’s market. Furthermore, he secured an iconic commercial banking and educational partnership with both Oakland Raiders’ Stadium and Allegiant Stadium.

Personal Life

John Guedry (’82) has been in the banking industry for 35 years and is now CEO of Bank of Nevada. With a passion for improving education in Nevada, he founded the annual Business + Education Engaged Summit–an event that encourages business people to get involved with educational advocacy groups.

Guedry also works to build relationships with ambitious business owners, especially those who have survived economic crises. At 24 years old, he had to break bad news to a farming couple: their property would be foreclosed on.

He is also a passionate member of many civic and community organizations, having recently served as chairman of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce executive committee. In recognition of his professional accomplishments, he was awarded professional and civic awards from The Public Education Foundation, UNLV’s Lee Business School Alumnus of the Year (2017), and The William S. Boyd Award of Excellence by Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada (2019) for outstanding support of legal aid and pro bono services provided.

Net Worth

John Gourdry has achieved great success in the banking industry, which has enabled him to amass an impressive net worth. Currently serving as chairman of the executive committee for Las Vegas Metro Chamber, he is dedicated to improving Nevada’s education system.

Guedry has always enjoyed cultivating relationships with business owners. He is particularly passionate about aiding a company through economic downturns.

Guedry’s life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with heart failure and required to have a transplant. Additionally, he suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition which restricts the pumping of blood. Six months after surgery, Guedry was able to return to work, dedicating his efforts towards promoting financial literacy in schools as well as founding the Business + Education (BE Engaged) conference which brings business and educational leaders together to discuss issues facing schools in Nevada.

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