John Hanratty

John Hanratty

John Hanratty is the chief marketing officer of Avanti Destinations, a travel wholesaler. He was recently hired after retiring from his previous position with Travel Impressions.

Hanratty was convicted of the 1961 “A6 murder”. He was the eighth last person to be hanged in England and Wales (the last two were Peter Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans). But he remains controversial because of DNA evidence that was linked to Hanratty’s crime.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

As a football player, Hanratty enjoyed an excellent career as a quarterback in the National Football League. He played for seven years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, winning two Super Bowls.

He also played for Notre Dame and led the team to a national championship in 1966. He finished sixth in Heisman voting that year and was a three-year starter at quarterback from 1966-68.

His son, Conor Hanratty, is currently a right tackle at New Canaan. He has had scholarship offers from 12 schools and interest from dozens more.

Achievements and Honors

John Hanratty has influenced a number of disciplines including fluid mechanics, chemical engineering and physics. His research and teaching at the University of Illinois resulted in 256 scholarly publications.

Many former students benefited from his guidance, advice and friendship. He supervised 77 PhD theses, 78 MS theses and 47 BS theses.

His research focused on fluid-liquid and gas-liquid flow processes in which turbulence plays an important role. He studied electrochemical diagnostics, structure of turbulence, drag reduction, modification of turbulence by imposed spatial and temporal oscillations, reactor design, turbulent mass/heat transfer at an interface, wavelike dissolution patterns and a wide range of other topics.

Hanratty’s work in the field of CAD and CAM (design automated by computer) helped to shape the development of these technologies. He was a key figure in the development of DAC, which was one of the most powerful CAD systems to use interactive graphics.

Personal Life

Born in Crossmaglen, county Cavan, Ireland and raised there. He was a member of the country music group The Mainliners. He died on December 5, 2021.

Hanratty’s family are campaigning for a review of his conviction. They believe his case was mishandled and that he was contaminated by lax police handling procedures.

He was found guilty of murder and rape on 23 August 1961. His conviction was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

The original defence was that Hanratty had been in Liverpool on the day of the murder, but halfway through the trial he changed his story and claimed he had been in Rhyl in North Wales. However, there was no forensic evidence at the time to connect Hanratty with the car or the crime scene.

Net Worth

John Hanratty is a former American football player. He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and earned two Super Bowl rings during his career. He has a net worth of $8 million. He was born in Butler, Pennsylvania on 19 January 1948. He is married to Nicole Hanratty and has three children, Rory, Thomas, and Kate Hanratty. He has two nephews, Terrence Hanratty and Tyce Hanratty, and a niece, Kelly Hanratty. He is also survived by his mother Frances Hanratty, a sister Catherine Hanratty, and many cousins and friends.

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