John Janko

John Janko

Janko has extensive experience in the music, literary, stage and TV industries as a director, writer and composer.

He has written five one-act plays and five film scripts, including Home Town (based on Tracy Kidder’s national bestseller). His directorial debut Year by the Sea (2016) earned 16 festival awards.

Early Life and Education

Raynesford native and longtime member of the community, he enjoyed spending time with family, friends and his neighbors. A hardworking rancher by trade, he was also a dedicated father.

John was an accomplished rancher and craftsman/builder, turning their family’s humble farmhouse into a stunning residence that he and his wife were proud to call their own.

His love of history and culture were evident in the quality of his books, art, furniture and accessories. He was an enthusiastic supporter of local arts organizations like the Raynesford Historical Society and Raynesford High School Band; a man dearly missed by all who knew him. Most importantly, he instilled in his children hard work, honesty and gratitude for what they have in life.

Professional Career

John Janko is a psychologist in East Boston, Massachusetts and practices at North Suffolk Mental Health Association.

Janko studied organ with Australia’s premier cathedral organist Robert Boughen, conducting with Fred Hows, singing with former King’s Singer Michael Leighton-Jones and harpsichord with Robert Huestis during his college years. Later he became the choirmaster at Iona College in Brisbane, Australia.

Janko achieved great success during his career, winning four ATP World Tour titles, one ATP doubles title and 15 Challenger titles. Additionally he won the 2001 Australian Open junior title.

Achievements and Honors

Janko, a medical veteran of the Vietnam War, publicly opposed using military force by returning his service medals to the United States government. This experience informed many of Janko’s novels.

Plaintiff was the victim of a decade-long nightmare in which the Taliban falsely accused him of being an American and Israeli spy, subjected him to cruel tortures and inhuman treatment, then imprisoned him at Sarpusa Prison in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Due to these acts, the Combatant Status Review Tribunal (CSRT) determined that Plaintiff was an enemy combatant. They relied on videotape evidence of Plaintiff’s forced confession made under duress by his Taliban captors.

Personal Life

John Janko was an exemplary man, living life to the fullest. He always made time for others and was devoted to his family.

Through his life, he developed an appreciation for movies and was always able to capture the audience’s attention with his performances and scripts. Additionally, he maintains a social media presence on Vine and YouTube where he has amassed an avid fan base.

John Janko had an expansive circle of friends and acquaintances throughout his life. His loyalty and love for them will be greatly missed by those he left behind.

Net Worth

Janko began his career on Vine and then switched to YouTube, where he now boasts over 1.3 million subscribers.

He is renowned for uploading comedy videos and challenges on his channel, where he often collaborates with social media personalities such as Logan Paul and Jake Paul.

In addition to his work as a YouTuber and singer, he has also featured in two short flicks.

He has amassed an impressive net worth as a social media influencer, estimated to have an estimated net worth of $600 thousand as of 2021.

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