John Laboy

John Laboy – Alumnus of Quinnipiac University

John Laboy, a student athlete at Eastern High School from Toms River, NJ, has an impressive academic record and serves as an effective leader on the field.

His family is highly supportive and encouraging of his academic endeavors, with mother Mercedes Serrano and older brothers and sisters encouraging him along the way. Without their support, he wouldn’t be where he is today without their love and support.

Early Life and Education

Laboy was born in Puerto Rico but raised in New York State, working his way up through public schools as both a student and educator before being appointed as Lawrence’s education chief. Under his watch, test scores have improved dramatically and an innovative high school was built.

But Laboy has had to navigate a series of controversies, such as an aide using school computers for illegal background checks on political candidates, police officers and others. That sparked outrage among some political figures including some on the School Committee who demanded Laboy be suspended or fired.

Mark Rivera, Laboy’s closest ally and confidante, is currently being investigated by state investigators for printing materials at the district’s media center for local nonprofits.

Professional Career

After years of disappointing results in the minors, Laboy finally got his chance to shine with the Expos. Manager Gene Mauch had been impressed by his sound fundamentals and quiet demeanor during spring training.

He had an impressive debut, starting at third base and hitting a three-run homer to open the Expos’ season. That marked the beginning of what would become five years in the majors for him.

He spent 17 seasons playing professional baseball in Puerto Rico, spending winters with both Caguas and Mayaguez. During that span, he hit 10 home runs – an all-time high for that league. Overall, it marked his final season playing professional baseball there with 17 seasons under his belt.

Achievements and Honors

John Laboy has earned himself numerous accolades and awards for his remarkable accomplishments. He also has earned himself a reputation as an inspiring student leader who tirelessly advocates for his fellow classmates, making Quinnipiac University an even better place to live.

The KE Beta Mu Well-Being and Resiliency Endowed Award

This honor is presented to a pharmacy student who best exemplifies the qualities of wellbeing and resilience. It recognizes those students who demonstrate leadership in improving their own wellbeing as well as creating positive changes within their community.

Liliana Gomez is an ambitious student who is involved in multiple organizations at Quinnipiac. She strives for excellence both academically and in everything else she does; Liliana also brings a smile to everyone she encounters with her positive outlook and supportive nature. Overall, Liliana Gomez truly makes Quinnipiac better!

Personal Life

Laboy is a dedicated family man, and his wife Shona said he has always been supportive of their two daughters. Both attend Evangel High School in Bossier City and are active participants in various athletic programs.

In March, the girls began working at Prevention Point – an anti-drug nonprofit that assists those harmed by drugs and alcohol. Their personal experiences with abuse has given them a unique insight into how best to assist others.

Their relationship began in Kensington, where the couple grew up together and shared similar struggles as children. As adults, they both battled addiction and mental illness; yet despite these trials they have found a community of support that helps them persevere through life’s ups and downs.

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