John Lager

John Lager, Actor, Singer and Philanthropist

John Lager, 62, passed away suddenly June 26th 2008 in Minneapolis after growing up in Dayton, Ohio and attending Wright State University before working for General Motors.

John was an incredible individual – generous, ethical and hardworking. He had an artist’s eye and sensibility which brought much joy to others through his amazing sense of humor. John deeply loved his family and nature; a talented photographer and gardener by profession.

Early Life and Education

As a young boy, John Lager was always fascinated with the brewing process. He delighted in the aroma of boiling water and especially enjoyed tasting stouts.

He also appreciated the light, refreshing pre-prohibition lagers brewed in the United States before national prohibition in 1920. These were crisp pale lagers with a grainy sweetness from corn and an intense level of bitterness.

In 1840, John Wagner arrived in Philadelphia from Bavaria with a bag full of lager yeast and began brewing the first lager beer in America. As such, he is widely credited as being the pioneering force behind this style of brewing which would become increasingly popular along the east coast before prohibition came into effect.

Professional Career

John, a self-declared beer connoisseur, gained his start in the industry through learning from his mentors. He eventually perfected his craft by crafting his own batches and helping others with theirs.

His professional career has seen him assist numerous local and national brands with their brewing operations. This work includes logistics, raw materials, brewing, packaging, safety, quality assurance, sustainability initiatives as well as capital projects at the brewery level.

He also teaches at the Siebel Institute of Technology as a senior instructor and serves on its board of directors. An expert in brewing technology, he enjoys sharing his insight to new companies and customers daily. His favorite part of work is meeting new people and seeing their enthusiasm for beer.

Achievements and Honors

As a renowned local dentist and philanthropist, he also had an eye for finding great deals around town. Governor Orville Freeman even named him official state dentist! Additionally, he belonged to many professional organizations such as the American Dental Association, Duluth District Dental Association, Range Dental Study Group and lifetime Lions Club member; furthermore he was proud of being an alumnus of St. Peter High School – one of the oldest high schools in America!

John is survived by his beloved wife of 65 years, Barb; sons Chad (Heather) and Clint; sisters Mary Jane Monson and Joan (Jim) Witty; ten grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. John’s most cherish moments will always be shared with those he leaves behind – those he holds so dear.

Personal Life

John Lager was born in 1839 to Johann Benedict Lager and Anna Margarethe Elisabeth Lager (nee Wehlage).

After his ordination, he served as a Capuchin priest and has been the national chaplain of FOCUS since 2013. In 2013, he took a sabbatical from his position as Senior National Chaplain but returned to serve part-time as National Chaplain before taking another break for personal reflection.

He has served as an associate pastor and high school campus minister, in addition to serving as executive director of Samaritan House of Denver and vocation director for Capuchin Province Mid-America. Additionally, he cofounded Marked Men for Christ ministry and currently serves as executive director of Sacred Heart Community in Colorado Springs.

Net Worth

John Lager is believed to have a net worth of $10 million, earned through his career as an actor and singer. Much of this wealth stems from the fees associated with his acting and modeling jobs.

He is best known for his roles on popular television series such as “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps,” where he showcases both his comedic talent and dramatic range. His performances have received glowing reviews.

Dick Yuengling, founder of D.G. Yuengling & Son brewery, is worth $1.4 billion and ranks among America’s 400 richest people this year. He acquired the business from his father in 1985 and has since built it into one of America’s largest brewers with annual production rates exceeding 3 million barrels of beer.

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