John Masco

John Masco, a Drew University Athletics Coach, Dies at 94

Masco Corporation creates, manufactures and distributes branded home improvement and building products. Its $5.3 billion plumbing segment consists of faucets, showerheads and related items.

The company’s decorative architectural segment specializes in paints and coatings as well as cabinet and door hardware. Furthermore, their operations feature a business aviation department which offers aerial inspection and maintenance services for their various product lines.

Early Life and Education

John Masco was born around 1925 to Anna and Victor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He shared a home with his parents and two siblings.

Sports had always been an interest of his growing up; he began playing baseball at seven and was a three-sport star in high school before going on to become a coach.

He was a staunch supporter of his children’s athletic achievements. He began coaching baseball at Irvington High School and later led Drew’s varsity baseball team for many years.

His research focused on US national security culture, political ecology and critical theory. His book The Future of Fallout and Other Episodes in Radioactive World-Making (2021) examined the peculiar intimacy with and commitment to existential danger that has been fostered since 1945.

Professional Career

John Masco is an accomplished professional with many roles under his belt. Currently, he serves as Chief Engineer for the Army’s Counter Remote Controlled IED Electronic Warfare program, ensuring military vehicles remain secure when in action.

Masco has a longstanding dedication to flying humanitarian missions. Its flight department conducts flights for the Corporate Angel Network and Veterans Airlift Command, transporting cancer patients and wounded service members for medical treatment. Furthermore, Masco participates in Michigan’s Operation Good Cheer which brings toys to children who might otherwise go without during the holidays. The company has invested heavily in improving operational efficiencies as well as customer experience with cutting-edge technology like their computerized dispatch system which helps boost reliability.

Achievements and Honors

Masco’s career as a coach has had an immense effect on countless student-athletes, both on and off the court. He is one of only a few coaches to be inducted into Drew University Athletics Hall of Fame, and will join this select group at an induction ceremony scheduled for October 2.

Masco returned to coaching after 42 years as an assistant men’s basketball coach at Drew. With a renewed focus on baseball, Masco guided the Rangers to their first-ever MAC Freedom Conference playoff appearance and two additional semifinal finishes.

He is a highly esteemed senior leader at Masco Corp., where he plays an integral role in the company’s long-term growth strategy. Most recently, he has been overseeing several acquisitions that will ensure Masco Contractor Services remains successful for years to come.

Personal Life

John Masco was a loving husband, father and grandfather. Survived by his beloved wife Lucy and children Michael, Michelle (Katy Grenewalt) and Marjorie; as well as grandchildren Brianna and Blair; in addition to numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

His book The Future of Fallout: Imagining Nuclear World-Making (2021, Duke University Press) examines America’s peculiar connection to and commitment to existential risk, emphasizing both the psychological accommodations as well as technological advances that have produced global scale industrial aftereffects.

Masco has achieved an outstanding visual presentation that is both beautiful and informative. As a result, this book has been featured on many lists and highly recommended as one of the best on its topic.

Net Worth

President Alan Barry keeps a sealed file cabinet in his office where he keeps the succession plans for each division. But there are no Manoogians included – not one nor two.

Richard Manoogian, who has led Masco since his father took the helm in 1958, is approaching retirement age and may leave when his term at the helm ends in 2020.

He has an estimated net worth of at least $23.7 million. As chief financial officer and vice president at Masco, he oversees the company’s corporate development and information technology departments.

Masco is a hot stock on the stock market, with its price-earnings ratio hovering around 20. The company sells an extensive range of home improvement items like faucets, doors and windows, hardware as well as bath vanities.

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