John Mauhar

John Mauhar

John Mauhar was born around 1884 in Yugoslavia and immigrated to the United States in 1904. He settled in Ensign, Michigan.

He suffered from medical conditions that can cause him to become disoriented, due to treatments and medications. Friends became worried when he failed to reply to text messages and contacted authorities for assistance.

Early Life and Education

John Mauhar, born June 24th 1884 in Ensign, Michigan to Antone and Emilia Mauhar – Croatian immigrants – was raised on a fifty-acre dairy farm.

He graduated from Rapid River High School in 1948 and later enlisted in the US Army to serve as a signalman during the Korean War.

On October 17, 2020 at his daughter’s home in Elk Rapids, Michigan he passed away. Survived by his wife Ann and five sons: Antone and William of Ensign; John of Coeur d’Alene and Idnho; Matthew with the U.S. Navy in Norfolk; as well as 22 grandchildren. Preceded in death by both his parents, Antone had been a long-time resident of Ensign and will be greatly missed by family and friends alike.

Professional Career

John Mauhar was a well-known member of the Bosque County sheriff’s Office. On Friday night, he checked into Little Rocky Lodge in Laguna Park and was last seen by his mates around 9 p.m. A quick inspection revealed that the room was vacant and his cell phone had gone missing. The sheriff’s office launched an expansive search and recovery operation. A large team of law enforcement personnel, along with their support personnel, was deployed over the course of one day to thoroughly search the area. On multiple trips to the lake, a search and rescue boat made multiple trips, while the sheriff’s department patrolled its shore. Despite having several high-ranking officials involved in searching, Mauhar never returned. On Saturday morning, however, the search resumed without success.

Achievements and Honors

John Mauhar has been a fixture of Ensign for four decades now, and his dedication has earned him numerous accolades and awards – including one of Lewis-Clark County’s most memorable retirements. John was always at the top of his game; from friends and foes alike – he could always gather the best people together in one place with help from his lucky pigeon! With help from family, friends, neighbors – John assembled an impressive list of worthy recipients in his home: six in total!

Personal Life

John Mauhar lived life to the fullest and always strived to explore everything. His eye for beauty was something many others missed, and he had an inquisitive mind as well as a kind and intelligent soul.

The Bosque County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting an investigation into the disappearance of 50-year-old John Walter Mauhar of Waco. He checked into Little Rocky Lodge in Laguna Park on Friday night, according to authorities, and was last heard from on his cell phone that evening.

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