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John Mazzone – Tax Preparer – Schenectady NY

John Mazzone, a local tax preparer from Schenectady NY, is available to assist you with all of your personal or business taxes. His services encompass tax preparation, bookkeeping, estate and trust taxes, as well as many more.

John was born in Milford, MA and grew up with an extended Italian family. John always believed that his family was his most valuable possession.

Early Life and Education

John Mazzone was born and raised in Milford MA as an only child within a large Italian family, never feeling lonely or without playmates. His many cousins were as close to him as his siblings – especially the Mignone cousins who meant so much to him.

John was an incredible family man, dedicating his time and energy to supporting them throughout his life. From church activities to sons’ scouting activities or community involvements, John always gave of himself without expectation.

John was an active member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Milford, MA and served as committee chairman for his sons’ Milford Boy Scout Troop #2. Additionally, John served on the SMBA Board of Directors for over 34 years, leaving behind many friends and loved ones to mourn his passing.

Professional Career

John Mazzone has achieved great success as both a minor league player and pitching coach, having worked with the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics organizations. With an ERA of 2.73 and 7-2 record, Mazzone has established himself as an invaluable asset to either organization.

After 10 years in the professional sports world, Mazzone transitioned into college coaching. He has served as offensive coordinator in several conferences including the SEC (Ole Miss and Auburn), ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12.

He is currently a senior analyst for the Illinois football program and co-founder of JamSpot, an all-inclusive Boston area source for music rehearsal, recording, programs, and gear rental. His clients have included musicians such as The Mighty Bosstones and J. Geils Band.

Achievements and Honors

John Mazzone has achieved a great deal. He is an emeritus professor of law at Harvard University, an author and media commentator, as well as having won numerous awards over the years.

He is a retired United States Army captain who served in the Middle East and Bosnia. Following his military service, he held various business roles.

He was honored with NASPO’s Giulio Mazzone Distinguished Service Award, honoring his outstanding contributions to public purchasing. This award is given annually to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary dedication throughout their professional life in this industry. Nominations can be made by any current or past member of NASPO who meets the award criteria.

Personal Life

John was a beloved husband, father and grandfather who showed his love to his family and friends. A devout member of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, John also served in numerous local organizations.

Mazzone had previously worked as a community organizer for the National Organization for Women in New York City and helped found both Center for Community Change and Brooklyn Community Health Center.

He has served as a leader and mentor to many young men and women in his community. He served on the boards of several charitable and community organizations, as well as being an active volunteer.

Professor Mazzone received both his undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard University, a master’s degree from Stanford University, and doctorate from Yale University. While clerking for Judge Robert D. Putnam on his best-selling book Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, Professor Mazzone collaborated with Laurence H. Tribe on constitutional cases before the Supreme Court.

Net Worth

John Mazzone was a kind and humble man who dedicated his life to his family, work and church. As the husband and father of four children – all still alive today – John also leaves behind six grandchildren to cherish his memories.

Born in Milford MA, he was raised among a large Italian family. He loved his family dearly and was always there for them, especially his cousins who became like brothers to him. His close bonds with them were undying – he’d call or check-in regularly or send Christmas cards whenever he felt inclined. At 89 years old, he passed away August 2021 leaving behind his loving wife Rosemary P. (Blascio) Mazzone, 4 children and 6 grandchildren – whom he will miss forever.

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