John Mirshekari

John Mirshekari Recommends Shares of URS (NYSE: URS)

John Mirshekari is a Fidelity fund manager who specializes in industrial stocks. He recommends shares of URS (NYSE: URS), an engineering and construction contractor.

He thinks URS is undervalued because of its lack of capital allocation and management incentives. URS’ stock is up 40% year-to-date, and has a chance to double in two years.

Professional Career

John Mirshekari is a fund manager at Fidelity, managing a discrete sleeve of stocks in the firm’s industrials strategy. His comanagers include Morgen Peck, who covers technology and telecom, and Shadman Riaz, who specializes in energy and materials. He says his main focus is on capital allocation and management incentives. He thinks companies that are inflection points for changing incentives have the potential to deliver excellent returns. He cites Pinnacle Airlines as an example of a stock that got written up a lot but had little incentive to help investors. He also explains why he prefers to own companies that repurchase their stock over time.

Achievements and Honors

John Mirshekari is a successful fund manager at Fidelity, specializing in industrial stocks. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and is known for his investment philosophy. His strategies focus on capital allocation and management incentives, which he believes are the key to creating exceptional returns. He also believes that companies that repurchase shares create tremendous value. His investment philosophy has earned him recognition from the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Forbes. In addition to his investment portfolio, he also donates a significant amount of money to a variety of charities. He is also a prominent supporter of global health initiatives, including AIDS and tuberculosis.

Net Worth

John Mirshekari, a co-manager of Fidelity Management & Research mutual funds, has an estimated net worth of $200 million. He is the co-manager of the URS Cos fund and has been with the company since June 2010. His main investment area is industrial stocks, including engineering, construction and technical services companies. He recently said that URS stock could double in value over the next two years. Besides Fidelity, other big investors are also buying URS shares, including JANA Partners and Glenview Capital Management. Compared to its competitors, he believes the company has a strong competitive advantage. He also pointed out that a recent commitment to stop costly acquisitions and a likely buy-back of cheap shares will boost the company’s stock price.

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