John Norfleet

John Norfleet

John Norfleet is an accomplished improvisational singer, performance artist, actor and social justice advocate. His powerful voice has graced stages around the world with rare multi-dimensionality within the performing arts world.

Norfleet is a member of the Society of American Musical Theater and has performed at venues such as New England Conservatory, Bread and Puppet Theatre, Glimmerglass Opera, American Opera Project and Opera Philadelphia (Opera on Film). Additionally he frequently collaborates with two socially aware orchestras.

Early Life and Education

The Norfleet family, originally of English descent, immigrated to America around the 17th century. One of the earliest recorded references to them can be found in a land grant in Virginia Colony on October 22, 1666 that refers to “Thomas Norfleet.”

Following this grant, two more were issued to Thomas Northfleet (also called “North Fleete”) on 25 October 1695 and “Thomas Norfleet, Junr,” dated 30 September 1718. These grants appear to pertain to the same individual since both were for land patented in the same year.

Achievements and Honors

John Norfleet achieved many great things during his lifetime. His professional career in business was a triumph, and he received many awards and honors for his efforts.

He was an acclaimed author and published many books in the field of history. His works had a lasting impact on many lives around the globe.

Despite his many accomplishments, he tragically passed away at an early age. He is interred in Green Hill Cemetery in Greensboro, North Carolina at the age of 42.

Personal Life

John Norfleet was a former school teacher when he was arrested last year for the alleged murder of his 4-year-old daughter Jada.

On Wednesday, he was found guilty of first-degree murder for inflicting the injuries that proved fatal for his daughter.

On Friday, Shavonn Norfleet’s wife testified in her defense. She noted some bruising on her daughter’s legs after the spanking but didn’t believe it to be severe.

Her son, Damian Norfleet, is an actor. He has performed at Glimmerglass Opera and appeared on television and movies; he will also star in Protector of the Gods, due out this summer. Born and raised in Nashville, this family is deeply rooted in Methodist faith.

Net Worth

On Thursday, a man found guilty of first-degree murder for hitting his 4-year-old daughter with a piece of lumber was sentenced to life in prison and an additional 30 years for aggravated child abuse.

John Norfleet managed to amass a net worth of about $4 million despite his unfortunate crimes. With such an excellent job and ample funds, John could afford a lavish lifestyle.

Norfleet is the offspring of former professional surfer Mark Norfleet and designer Jennifer Nicholson, with whom he shared an ex-wife Sandra Knight as their eldest child. His passion for fashion extends to brands like John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Prada; he also enjoys travelling and discovering new places.

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