John Nubani

John Nubani

John Nubani has been a legal professional for over two decades. He holds memberships in the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and American Bar Associations.

He currently works for Bassi, McCune & Vreeland, P.C. located at 111 Fallowfield Avenue and P.O. Box 144 in Charleroi, PA 15022.

Early Life and Education

John nubani is a graduate of the University of Virginia and holds a master’s degree in education. He is now an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Boston University. His research interests revolve around educational psychology and human learning, particularly how teachers can promote children’s emotional expression and regulation in the classroom and how this impacts student achievement. Furthermore, John seeks to identify effective practices for building school leadership teams and managing classroom management techniques.

Professional Career

John Nubani has been a lawyer for more than three decades. Currently, he practices law at Bassi, McCune & Vreeland, P.C. in Charleroi, Pennsylvania where he handles personal injury cases. Furthermore, John is a member of the American Bar Association and previously worked at USA Track & Field and National Football League Players Association.

Nubani has issued a subpoena to Olympic rower Tom Toth, and the athlete said that he will “do whatever is necessary” to honor it and that no suspensions had been issued during his career for drug violations. Toth, who placed fourth at the World Championships this summer, is expected to testify before the committee next week; he has used BALCO products such as zinc-magnesium supplement ZMA during this preparation for competition.

Personal Life

John Nubani was raised in a rural community where his father ran a farm. After attending Yale University and earning a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, his professional career has focused on sports management and marketing. Additionally, he is an active member of the International Association of Athletes Representatives.

John nubani enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, hiking and camping. He’s actively involved in charities and community activities as well as speaking to bar associations about sports law and agents. At present he’s a partner at Bassi McCune & Vreeland P.C. in Charleroi PA where he has worked closely with NFL Players Association, USA Track & Field and Washington County Bar Association; additionally he was previously president of Washington County Bar Association and delegate to Pennsylvania Bar Association.

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