John Nuculovic

John Nuculovic

John Nuculovic was found guilty in an organized crime trial of multiple offenses stemming from his operation of a gambling organization in Queens, New York.

The Government’s evidence included seized gambling machines, gambling paraphernalia, surveillance photographs and tape recordings. This provided compelling proof of the Organization’s membership, territory and violence.

Early Life and Education

John Nuculovic, a candidate for the New York State Assembly, has an extensive background in law enforcement and government. He served as a corrections officer at Rikers Island and is now an asset manager with Putnam County.

He is a volunteer firefighter and EMT, as well as being part of the Westchester County Special Operations Hazmat Team.

On October 6, 2004, Nuculovic was indicted alongside over a score of co-defendants in relation to the Government’s investigation into an Albanian organized crime family (the “Organization”) in New York City. The indictment charged Nuculovic with multiple offenses related to Organization membership, violence, territory and scope of operations.

Professional Career

John Nuculovic is a hardworking and personable individual with extensive experience in law enforcement, government and cyber security. He served as a corrections officer at Rikers Island, teaches cybersecurity courses and volunteers with both Bedford Hills Fire Department and Westchester County Special Operations Hazmat team.

Koppelman was an outstanding member of this Court’s CJA panel and an accomplished trial attorney. He worked tirelessly to foster and maintain a positive relationship with the jury, ultimately leading to several favorable verdicts for Nuculovic.

Nuculovic was found guilty of several serious crimes, and the Government had ample evidence to back them up. This evidence included intercepted Title III recordings of telephone conversations; consenting tape recordings made by two trial witnesses who dealt extensively with Nuculovic: Hirakis and Kyprianou; victim testimony; surveillance testimony and photographs; confiscated gambling machines, paraphernalia and documents; as well as statements to law enforcement officers after his falling out with Rudaj and just before his arrest.

Personal Life

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Net Worth

John Nuculovic’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. He is the leader of an Albanian organized crime family and was charged in 2004 on a multi-count indictment alongside more than 100 co-defendants. The organization generated income by controlling the Greek dice game barbout and collecting receipts from gambling machines installed in bars and restaurants throughout New York City. Nuculovic and other members of the Organization had long been in control of Astoria, Queens – an area long held by members of the Luchese family. In 2004, when the Organization took control of Astoria, Nuculovic and others commandeered its gambling clubs, installing machines there and collecting receipts on a weekly basis. This proved lucrative for them since they received fifty percent of all proceeds from these games and establishments.

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