John Ramdath

John Ramdath

John Ramdath is currently in jail for attempted first-degree murder. A Loxahatchee resident was arrested after allegedly stabbing his parents with a knife.

Sandra Ramdath, the mother of the suspect, told deputies her son had attacked without warning. But authorities revealed he had previously assaulted her father.

Early Life and Education

In their early years, children acquire a great deal about themselves and the world around them. Additionally, they gain knowledge from their parents, who can be considered their primary educators.

But for healthy development, children require active stimulation and socialization with others. This is where early childhood education comes into play – starting as soon as the child turns two years old.

These early years are crucial for children as they develop social skills, self-worth, moral outlook and cognitive aptitude that will shape their future learning capacity.

Establishing the ideal environment, with small class sizes and ample teacher-child interaction time, can help kids lay these crucial foundations. It also gives them the assurance to venture out into the world with competence and optimism.

Professional Career

With his doctorate and master’s degrees under his belt, it was only natural that he should secure employment within the industry. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been awarded multiple titles such as senior administrator and executive assistant; during his time there he put in over 1,200 hours per month while managing multiple projects alongside student responsibilities. Furthermore, his bosses don’t hesitate to challenge him when necessary. Besides all these tasks, he takes great pride in being part of his community having made many friends along the way.

Achievements and Honors

Ramdath has earned numerous professional distinctions throughout his career. Currently, he teaches at Borough of Manhattan Community College in New York City and chairs their president’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee.

He is a proud member of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and was recently recognized by them for his accomplishments and contributions to healthcare.

Authorities claim John Ramdath attacked his parents without warning, and there have been documented incidents in the past where he has engaged in verbal battles with his father. On Saturday afternoon at 17184 Tangerine Boulevard in Loxahatchee, Sugerig Ramdath suffered multiple stab wounds to his face, back of neck, hands and chest before being hospitalized in stable condition.

Personal Life

Winston Ramdath was a self-taught evangelist who traveled the world, leading many people to faith in Christ. He had an intense passion for sharing God’s word and funding mission work. Together with his wife Marie, he hosted a Christian radio talk show in Atlanta where they spread the gospel message. Additionally, Winston authored a book on true evangelism to guide others in sharing Christ with others.

Deputies were called to a home in Loxahatchee on Saturday afternoon and found Ramdath armed with a pocket knife and his mother, who was busy putting chickens away. According to her son’s mother, they had an argument over a minor matter when Ramdath attempted to attack her with the knife but it slipped from his hands. This is just the latest episode in a string of incidents where he has attempted to harm either her or her family members.

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