John Schwan

John Schwan

John Schwan is the Vice President of Global Partner Sales & Programs at Puppet. With an extensive background in strategic partner sales and business development, John brings a wealth of expertise to this role.

He has been active in the IT industry for over two decades, most recently serving as Vice President of North America Channel Sales at Tintri.

Early Life and Education

John Schwan was born on December 7, 1810 in Neuss, Germany’s oldest city. As a child he was quiet and reserved but excelled academically and athletically.

After graduating from Lane Tech College Prep High School, he joined the United States Army and served in Viet Nam. During his service in Viet Nam, he earned the Combat Infantry Badge, Air Medal, two Bronze Stars with a V for Valor device and a Purple Heart.

He founded what would become known as Schwan’s Sales Enterprises, Inc. in 1940 and its success was due to its door-to-door sales strategy and mass marketing techniques.

Professional Career

John Schwan has been a sales executive for several years. Additionally, he has dedicated his time to various community activities.

Through his career, he has assisted countless individuals in reaching their objectives and has never wavered from his beliefs. He stresses the significance of planning for the future and strives to make the world a better place.

He has previously worked for multiple companies. Nowadays, he serves as CEO of Solstice, a digital innovation firm.

He is also actively involved with the Sheridan First Cavalry Chapter, a veteran’s organization. Through this organization, he assists soldiers who have served abroad and helps returning veterans find employment opportunities.

Achievements and Honors

Schwan was a pioneering figure in biomedical engineering. His groundbreaking work included setting the first limit for human exposure to radio-frequency energy, which later became part of the current IEEE C95.1 standard.

Throughout his career, he received numerous honors and accolades for his work. Notable awards include the Nobel Prize in Physics and Royal Society Copley Medal for cell research.

John Schwan is the founder and CEO of Schwan Financial Group, a financial, estate, and business planning firm that helps clients safeguard what matters most while enjoying life with confidence. His firm has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top planning firms and is often included in New York Life’s Chairman’s Cabinet. Besides being an expert in this industry, John also has a deep-seated passion for his community and family.

Personal Life

John Schwan was a highly successful small businessman who built his company from scratch through door-to-door sales and mass marketing. His success was due to the hard work and care of a select group of people that he personally selected, hired, trained, and rewarded.

Schwan dedicated his life to cultivating a corporate culture rooted in private enterprise and Christian values. Additionally, he advocated for free market principles and was fiercely against government intervention or unionization.

Net Worth

John Schwan has an estimated net worth of $2 Million. As chairman and 10% owner of Yunhong CTI Ltd (CTIB), John owns 1,003,439 shares of the company’s stock as of 2023-03-02.

For over 100 years, the Schwan family has been involved in the food industry. Now a subsidiary of CJ CheilJedang, this large family-run business serves a variety of customers from its headquarters near Glen Ellyn, Illinois. It sells products to grocery stores, schools and businesses alike – as well as producing pizzas and Asian foods. With approximately 7,500 employees across America and involvement with various charitable organizations as well as providing veterans with employment opportunities and services is what sets this family-run enterprise apart from others.

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